Maven AI Platform

Conversational Commerce has unlocked new channels for consumers to interact with brands on their terms. Consumer demand for messaging presents a challenge for brands to effectively handle high volumes of messaging conversations while simultaneously delivering personalized and effective service to every consumer.

LivePerson’s Maven AI offers brands tools to enable efficient and personalized customer journeys at scale, while allowing brands control and transparency over how AI is used in their business.

Maven, part of LivePerson’s Conversational AI, empowers brands to create highly personalized conversational experiences for their customers. Maven provides the following key values to brands:

  • Faster human responses: Accelerate human agents responses in the contact center with Recommended Actions
  • Go handsfree with AI: Centralized AI policy experience that evolves with your business, and allows you to use all information to make decisions using the Context Warehouse
  • Connect to an AI ecosystem: Use AskMaven APIs from an application or bot, or go faster with inbox predictions and models
  • Drive continuous improvements using Maven learning improves predictions and outcomes with more usage.

Maven introduces a suite of products, experiences, and developer platform features, that enable brands to more easily achieve conversational commerce at scale, with higher trust and transparency in their conversational journeys.

Maven Workspace

The Maven Workspace is a self-service, low-code/no-code experience for brands to enable or tune Maven capabilities and features. With Maven, brands can:

  • Setup Maven Assist's Recommended Actions to increase agent productivity by suggesting bots or knowledge base articles based on customer’s intents.
  • Manage and use the Maven Context warehouse, a repository for brand, session, or customer attributes, including the ability to connect to external data sources (CRM using FaaS), and use these attributes throughout the customer’s conversation journey or in routing policies.
  • Author dynamic AI Powered Routing policies based on attributes (intent, content, session, or AI based inferences) to route to the right human or bot - unlocking highly personalized consumer journeys.
  • Access developer features such as AskMaven for next action or Context Session Store to customize and integrate Maven AI orchestration into their decision processes.

Maven Permissions

The LiveEngage Administrator Profile inherits all Maven administrator permissions, excluding AI Powered Routing and AskMaven. The ability to use Maven is indicated in the Conversational AI menu by the absence of a lock designation on the icon.