What's conversational AI?

    An AI bot or “robot,” if you will, is a rules-based program that is created and trained to provide automated responses in specific interactions. You might create an AI bot to handle frequently asked questions posed by your consumers. Or, you might create one that can manage common, automatable tasks like managing accounts or orders.

    In turn, conversational AI is the art and science behind the bot platform. It’s the natural language processing and machine-learning tools that can make your bots — your virtual agents — feel more human-like and helpful on messaging channels.

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    Why are conversational bots important?

    With natural language understanding, conversational bots can understand the context and intent of conversations and provide relevant answers across messaging apps and channels.

    Today, many consumers don’t want to spend the time to find what they need on a website. They would rather just ask someone. But it’s not always necessary to have customer service agents respond to simple questions or routine tasks when an AI bot can do it quickly without a queue. After all, about 53% of respondents in a market-wide consumer study said that waiting too long for replies is the most frustrating part of interacting with businesses.

    With the help of artificial intelligence in the form of an AI bot, you can answer questions quickly, leading to both greater consumer satisfaction and time saved by your agents. Let your agents focus on the truly complex issues that your consumers have.

    Why should you use conversational bots?

    Bots don’t replace human-to-human interactions. But they help you respond faster and scale, so you can support more consumers overall. This automated efficiency in a contact center can lead to reduced operating expenses and even improved revenue. When bots pair with a conversational AI approach across messaging channels, they can:

    • Reduce the cost per conversation by as much as 50% versus voice
    • Increase the first-contact resolution rate by 15%
    • Improve the average order value by 20%
    • Reduce cart abandonment
    • Improve conversion rates by 10x

    Conversational bots let you automate and scale consumer interactions on the most popular messaging channels without hiring an army of agents. We can help you deliver engagements so useful and personalized that they feel Curiously Human™.

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