Conversation Orchestrator overview

Enable personalized and efficient consumer journeys at scale, while maintaining transparency and control over the AI
  • Messaging

Product overview

Conversation Orchestrator is LivePerson’s AI engine that orchestrates every consumer conversation with your brand to an outcome you both value. It works in the background to quickly understand the consumer’s intent and then routes to the agent or bot to solve the request in the best way possible.

Conversation Orchestrator’s Dynamic Routing uses the consumer’s identified intent and assesses the conversation’s context from various data sources (consumer attributes, conversation-based metrics, enterprise systems, etc.) to route the conversation to the right agent or bot. Use it to create highly personalized experiences.

By combining information from an external system like a CRM, the consumer can be immediately identified by name, location, and other information, such as VIP status. LivePerson Functions lets you easily integrate data from external systems, like Salesforce, using secure, LivePerson-managed functions.

Conversation Orchestrator’s workspace offers a self-service experience for managing the way that AI is used in your conversational pipelines. This gives you transparency and control.


  • Centralized business logic policies drive routing decisions without code. Use all information to make decisions using the Conversation Context Service.
  • Connect to an AI ecosystem: Evaluate data from NLU, LivePerson Functions, the Conversation Context Service, and SDEs for complex decision-making.
  • Accelerate human agents in the contact center with Next Actions.
  • Drive continuous improvements using Conversation Orchestrator learning, which improves predictions and outcomes with more usage.


The workspace

  • A self-service experience to configure features
  • Ability to create custom/FaaS variables
  • List of supported SDEs for Dynamic Routing
  • Policy debugging tools
  • API authentication tokens
  • Analytics for features (availability, usage, etc.)

Dynamic Routing

  • Create intent-based and context-based (consumer profile data, wait time, etc.) routing policies
  • Apply actions: route/transfer to human agent, skill or bot
  • JSON-based, low-code authoring

Conversation Context Service

  • API access to inbox system attributes (user and conversation context)
  • API access to create custom attributes with static data (list of emails, etc.) and custom attributes with Functions as a Service variables (for example, CRM integrations via FaaS)
  • Carry over custom context through conversational journey

Next Actions API

  • REST API to Conversation Orchestrator that exposes the next best action to concierge bot/LOB app for routing decisions

Conversation Orchestrator concierge bot

  • LivePerson Conversation Builder’s concierge bot template, which is pre-built with intents and a Next Actions API integration

Engagement Controller

  • Control the incoming flow of conversations in Web messaging by showing and hiding engagements on your website according to defined skill thresholds

Get started

You can start using Conversation Orchestrator by visiting the following links:

For more info on Conversation Orchestrator, see our Developer Center. Get started here.

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