LivePerson’s Maven is a AI-powered continuously-learning platform that orchestrates all conversational interactions to ensure the best outcomes.

Maven serves as the brain inside LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform, powering optimal decisions on when to use automations and humans to elegantly resolve consumer contacts. The result is an increased agent efficiency, and access to an extensible framework for brands and developers to customize and extend LivePerson's platform.

Key capabilities

  • Examines each conversational turn to assess consumer intent:

Using historical context, personalized info, available providers (bots/automations, human agents, content) and through best-of-breed AI and machine learning tactics, Maven is able to accurately identify consumer intent

  • Recommends or executes the next action:

In order to achieve the best outcome for your brand’s unique guidelines, policies, and real-time constraints, Maven’s Recommended Actions determines and presents the next best action to the agent.

  • Drives up overall contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction

Through efficient use of humans, bots and automations, Maven exposes areas for improvement and then helps brands improve those areas through continuous learning, closed-loop feedback and contextual analytics.

How Maven works

Maven monitors all conversations, looking for opportunities to accelerate outcomes for conversations by assisting agents. Maven ‘s capabilities will expand to include actively intercepting every conversation, and orchestrating through a learning life-cycle described below:

Accessing and using Maven

  • Agent workspace - Agent assistance features such as Recommended Actions allows agents to join bots to conversations or share knowledge base content
  • Developer focused APIs - Integrate conversational context signals into your websites or applications, or have brand developers plug-in (extend or customize) capabilities relative to NLU
  • AI Maven hub - Configure and define rules that drive key business outcomes and present opportunities for improvement (i.e, routing of inbound conversations to automations or humans based on intent without building routing bots)

To get the bigger picture or learn more about how Maven fits into, check out the LivePerson’s Conversational Commerce platform.