Report Center User Guide

A guide on how to get started with the LivePerson Report Center
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How to access Report Center

**** Early access account can view and use the Report Center features and functionality.

Logging in to Report Center requires feature access by request. Only Admin roles can log in to view Report Center.
HINT: You can view Report Center dashboards via the navigation bar(Bot/Report Center) in Conversational Cloud.

Getting Started in Report Center

Creating a new dashboard 

  1. On the Navigation bar, select Bot/Report Center to view available dashboards.

RC: Navigation Bar

2. Click on the Plus 



 icon next to the dashboard header.

3. Select a pre-populated template for use or start from a blank report.



4. Add a name for your dashboards and save. 

Edit a dashboard and use filters

1. To filter data in any dashboard; Select the dashboard and click on the Filter button.



2. A drop down menu will appear on the right side of your screen. Select your needed filters. You can use the toggle functionality (Filter 1 & Filter 2) to choose two filters as per your needs.



3. To Edit the dashboard, click the Pencil 



 icon on the top right corner of the dashboard.

4. Once in a dashboard Edit Mode, use the Edit button on a chart to select metrics.



5. You can also use the filter/time option provided on top of a dashboard to select the provided filter and timeframe. 



Understanding the Charts and Metrics

When using the report center you can include a variety of metrics to provide valuable insights for your generative AI use case. A key point to keep in mind while using the metrics would be that they are a conversation level and filter capabilities work in the same manner. 

Here are the metrics that can be considered while creating your dashboard and charts.

Total ConversationsNumber of unique conversations
KB Generative AnswersNumber of KB answers provided by KAI
# KB QuestionsNumber of KB queries/questions
CSATCustomer Satisfaction Score
KB Standard AnswersNon generative answers provided by KAI
No AnswersNo answers provided by KAI
KB Total AnswersTotal number of answers
% KB Answers RateNumber of KB answers / Number of questions across all conversations
In Focus TimeIn Focus Time
Agent Recommendation UsedNumber of recommendations used by agents
Agent Recommendation Used RateNumber of Agent Recommendations Used / Number of Agent Recommendations provided

Missing Something?

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