Introducing MCS on Report Center

MCS introduction


    MCS on Report Center (RC) aims to consolidate many analytics and reporting use cases from the MCS Toolkit into a single framework. We aim to deliver RC with consolidated MCS use cases that our brands utilize. 

    RC will include concepts and data points of Meaningful Conversation Score (MCS). MCS is an automatic, unbiased method to measure the relationship between consumers and brands. MCS is a reliable way to accurately and automatically measure the quality of a conversation.


    1. Utilize our new conversation and segment level architecture to expose aggregated metrics. (Segment: When an agent is assigned/transferred in a conversation, it constitutes a new segment in a conversation)
    2. Agent/Skill/Group level aggregation utilized in RC and provides access to segment level metrics.
    3. Expose Transcript Viewer to provide an easy and efficient access to conversation level, MCS data and metrics.

    Metrics for the upcoming release are listed below.                                 *** more MCS metrics are added every week

     MetricMeasure/ DimensionLevelDimensional AggregationsDefinition
    Group NameDimensionSegment
    Group Name
    Skill NameDimensionSegment
    Skill Name
    Agent NameDimensionSegment
    Agent Name
    User TypeDimensionSegment
    Ex: Bot, Human
    Conversation Start DateDimensionConversation
    Start date of a conversation
    (Web, App, ABC, SMS, etc)
    Conversation StatusDimensionConversation
    Ex: Open, Closed
    Total ConversationMeasureConversationDate/ Conversation Status/Agent/ Skill/ GroupTotal number of conversations for the selected dimensional aggregation. Total open and close conversations are divided by the conversation status dimension
    Total Agent MessagesMeasureSegment/ ConversationAgent/ Skill/ Group/ User Type Total number of agent (Bot, Human) messages
    Total Consumer Messages


    Segment/ ConversationDate/Agent/Skill /GroupTotal number of consumer messages
    Average MCS


    ConversationDate/Channel/ Agent/ Skill/ GroupAverage of last MCS of the conversations
    Total Duration


    Unit - mins

    ConversationDate/ Conversation StatusTotal of the conversation duration for the selected dimensional aggregation. Total duration will not have open segment data population. ***Check Limitations
    In Focus Time


    Unit - mins

    ConversationDate/ Skill / Agent/GroupAverage of the conversation IFT for the selected dimensional aggregation
     CSATMeasureSegment/ ConversationAgent/ Skill/ Group/ User Type/ DateAverage CSAT of the conversation for the selected dimensional aggregation. Customer Satisfaction Score



    Understanding Segments

    UI Mockup below shows the MCS dashboard on Report Center


    MCS dashboard


    MCS metrics and feature release are as follows:


    The first release of MCS Toolkit on report Center will have the functionality to filter based on the below list.

    1. Agent Name, Skill Name, Group Name
    2. Date range
    3. Channel 
    4. User Type
    5. Conversation Status

    Transcript Viewer:

    The Transcript Viewer features as follows. 

    1. Conversation level metrics and fields included. 
    2. Transfer events, agent messages, and consumer messages included.

    Export Functionality: 

    1. Export of conversation data included. Users can utilize the conversation list screen to export data in a csv. ****Check Limitations.
    2. Support data for calculations of aggregated metrics included in the export. 
    3. Export of messages included in the Transcript Viewer. 

    MCS Data:

    Utilize MCS Data for aggregations.

    1. Perform metric aggregations based on the listed dimensions.
    2. Listed Metrics are an aggregation of either conversation level measure or segment level. Dimensional Aggregation specifies the aggregation mechanism usage.


    1. Conversation level view will have a limitation of 1000 conversations per page. A download limitation of 10K conversation applies. 
    2. Metrics related to open segments will become a part of conversation metrics once the segment is closed.
    3. Segments per conversation will be limited to 100. 
    4. Export functionality will have limited changes to fields.
    5. 100 Agents limit to the amount of agents that can be selected/viewed in an Agent Name filter.
    6. Date filter is currently limited to the start date of a conversation. 
    7. Segment measures will auto-populate conversation measures after the conversation is marked closed.
    8. Maximum date range selection per dashboard is limited to three months at a time.  


    How can I gain access to Report Center?

    You should be able to gain access to the reporting system via your navigation bar as shown in the UI mockup above. To enable Report Center for your account, you would have to request access and enable a feature flag.

    Missing Something?

    Check out our Developer Center for more in-depth documentation. Please share your documentation feedback with us using the feedback button. We'd be happy to hear from you.