Private Messages overview

  • Messaging

A new capability has been added to the Agent Workspace, enabling Messaging users to send private messages to all conversation participants, excluding the consumer. This capability will enable managers to guide agents during active conversations, while agents will be able to privately ask managers for directions and clarification.

Users will see the new private message action available within the action menu:


A private message displayed within the conversation area, with a “PRIVATE” badge:


Private messages will not affect the conversation’s SLA, intensity (active/inactive status), and will not reset the auto-close timer.
To disable this feature, please contact your LivePerson representative.

This feature will be available to customers in phases. Please contact your LivePerson representative for more details.


  • Private Messages are not available to bot agents at the moment, only to human agents.
  • Private Messages will not show a notification to the agent near the module icon, or on top of the conversation line in the My Connections panel (unlike regular messages).

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