Wrap-up time

Allow time for important agent tasks at the end of a chat
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Allocating a ‘wrap up’ period at the end of each chat gives agents time to fill in surveys and record any important details about the chat.

Once a chat is ended, either by the agent or by the consumer, the wrap-up period starts. During this time the agent can complete any post-chat tasks. When the wrap-up time expires, a slot is released and the agent is ready to receive a new chat. The agent doesn’t need to use the whole time allocated; the wrap-up time also expires automatically when the agent submits the agent survey.

Wrap-up time is disabled by default. Once enabled, the default time allocated is 60 seconds; this can be configured by the brand. The time can be configured either at the account or at the skill level.


How to enable wrap-up for chat

  1. Contact your LivePerson account team so they can enable the feature.
  2. In the Conversational Cloud, go to Visitors>Open Connector or Visitors>Web Visitors.
  3. Click the night vision button.
  4. Under ACD settings > Live Chat:
  5. Enable the “Wrap-up Time” toggle button.
  6. Set a default value. This value should be the same as set in the Admin Console.
  7. Press the Save button.

This value is for display only, it will be the value shown in the skill level by default but have no actual effect on the wrap-up time

How to configure wrap-up time at the skill level:

  1. In the Conversational Cloud, go to Users >Skills.
  2. Edit any skill that requires a wrap-up time different from the default value.
  3. Enter the wrap-up time value. Note by default the value shown is the one set in night vision.
  4. Click Save.


  1. When enabled, the wrap-up time does not affect reporting, i.e. chat duration does not include the wrap-up time.
  2. An agent can terminate the wrap-up period by submitting an agent survey.
  3. We recommend adjusting the wrap-up time value at the individual skill level, rather than using the admin console or night vision. This is because:
    • The wrap-up time set in the admin console overrides the value set for individual skills. However, this value will not be reflected in the skill level in the Conversational Cloud.
    • Changing the wrap-up time value in night vision will not affect on the wrap-up time, but the updated value will be displayed in skills that were not set with a specific value.

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