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As a major point of contact with your consumers, chat surveys offer you a unique opportunity to collect a large volume of valuable information about your visitors. They can also provide you with key insights into the performance of your agents.

In LivePerson, there are four types of surveys; the pre-chat survey, the post-chat survey, the offline survey, and the agent survey. Each of these surveys is a short, online form that can be filled out at a certain stage of the engagement.

Pre-chat survey

The pre-chat survey provides agents with information about the visitor prior to the onset of the chat. The details are displayed in the Agent Workspace allowing them to better understand the needs of the visitor.

Post-chat survey

Post-chat surveys boost consumer satisfaction and help you to improve your business. In these surveys, your visitors are asked to rate the service provided in the chat. You can subsequently use this information to evaluate the performance of your agents.

Offline survey

Offline surveys are presented to visitors when no agents are available to chat, and they can rest assured that you will follow up with them during regular business hours. This ensures a better experience for your visitors and offers you another opportunity to engage with them.

Agent survey

An agent survey is an important tool that allows you to gather data and insights from your agents about their conversations with consumers. Gathering data from the agent's perspective helps you determine and analyze the nature of the chat and understand its outcome.

Best practices for survey design

  • Minimize the number of required questions in your surveys. Visitors don’t necessarily want to take the time to send feedback.
  • Consider how intrusive your questions are. The answer should be “Not very.
  • Avoid redundancy.
  • Stick to the point. Ask only what you need to know to achieve the goal of the survey.
  • Limit pre-chat surveys in sales scenarios so you don’t lose a consumer on the way to check-out.
  • Use the same creative design in the surveys that you have used for the chat window.

Agent managers are not able to view Pre-Chat Survey & Offline Survey completion rate in the Survey Dashboard for Live Chat and it cannot be filtered by agent groups.

Surveys can be created and edited in the Engagement window. For guidance on setting up a survey, refer to our Engagement window documentation.

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