Understanding the reason a chat ends

Insight into why chats end is important for agents and managers trying to measure the consumer’s experience
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When a chat ends, the reason for the chat's termination is displayed in the chat transcript. There are a number of reasons why a chat might end, whether initiated by a consumer or an agent, or as a result of an external event or issue.

To view the reason for a chat's termination:

  1. On the web history page, in the 'visitors' tab, click chat export (to CSV or JSON) from the Action menu to the right of the page.
  2. In the exported spreadsheet, refer to the ‘chat end reason’ column. The column displays the reason for each engagement ending.

This information is also available in the Engagement History API.The table sets out the reasons why a chat might end, along with an explanation for each reason.

Transfer - rep stopped chatThe agent transferred the chat to another agent.
Transfer - reassignment to skillThe agent transferred the chat to a skill.
Rep stopped chatThe agent clicked the End Chat button and ended the chat.
Rep disconnectedThe agent was disconnected from the internet (usually as a result of the local internet connectivity).
Visitor disconnectedThe visitor was disconnected due to connectivity issues on their side. If a chat is disrupted or fails due to connectivity issues, the system will wait for 40 seconds before it defines the chat as inactive and will end it. Note: After clicking the Close button,  the visitor may still be able to submit the Exit Survey.
Visitor was no longer in chatFor visitors who are disconnected and the connection was not terminated, a cleaning process clears those chat connections
Visitor closed chatThe visitor closed the chat by clicking End Chat or clicking the X button of the engagement window.

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