Intent Manager is a suite of tools that lets you build an intent taxonomy, analyze the most popular consumer intents, optimize how well they are being fulfilled, and discover intents that can or should be automated
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Discover and understand what consumers want with Intent Manager

In the Conversational AI suite, Intent Manager serves as the single point of entry for all intent components: Discover, Build, Optimize, and Analyze.

Intent Manager is the suite of tools that lets you build an intent taxonomy, analyze the most popular consumer intents, optimize how well they are being fulfilled, and discover intents that can or should be automated.

Intent Manager starter packs are available to accelerate the development of an intent taxonomy, with both vertical-specific and universal starter intents to enable you to get started quickly with an intent-driven business. Intent starter packs are available for cross verticals, such as e-commerce and insurance for purchases and escalations.

The Intent Manager homepage is where you can view key coverage and quality stats. There are four key elements of intent management in one unified navigation: 

  • Discover
  • Build
  • Analyze
  • Optimize 

Navigation between these Intent Manager sections is seamless and coherent.


Example use cases

Business analyst

The challenge

An airline doesn’t have a real-time way to understand consumer contacts by intent.

How Intent Manager helps

The analyst uses Intent Manager to discover, define, and enable the following high impact intents:

  1. The consumer doesn’t understand policy changes.
  2. The consumer can't find their discount code.
  3. The discount code doesn’t work.
  4. The consumer wants to cancel their account.

The outcome

The analyst enables detailed, real-time insight into the problem by defining intents.

Agent manager

The challenge

There is an influx in account cancellations related to the policy changes.

How Intent Manager helps

The agent manager uses the Intent Manager dashboard to explore conversations with the intent “Cancel my account.”

He discovers that some agents are successfully able to redirect the conversation and prevent cancelation by offering a concession. He uses this insight to develop a new policy.

The outcome

The agent manager can quickly roll out new training that results in a lower account cancellation rate.

Bot builder

The challenge

The bot builder wants to use automation to help with the influx of messages related to a policy change.

How Intent Manager helps

The bot builder reviews the Intent Manager dashboard and notices that the “can’t find discount code” intent is a high volume intent and can easily be automated.

She creates a bot in Conversation Builder for handling these requests and creates an intent-based routing rule in Conversation Orchestrator that automatically directs consumers to the bot.

The outcome

The company greatly reduces the volume of agent conversations related to the policy change.

Ready to get started?

Accessing Intent Manager

In the dashboard of Conversational AI applications, there’s an “Intent Manager” entry point. This entry point takes you to the dashboard (or home page).


At LivePerson, we believe the most powerful consumer contact center is delivered when a brand can successfully understand their consumer's intent, and use this knowledge to continuously improve the consumer experience, operations, and efficiency. The next evolution of managing messaging programs within a contact center is through intent.

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