KnowledgeAI unifies and leverages your brand’s content to provide fast answers to common questions and issues, and effectively automate consumer conversations at scale. Using KnowledgeAI, brands can ingest and transform existing content into messaging-ready answers and seamlessly answer consumer questions in rich, automated conversations.


Automating answers at scale:

  • Content is often scattered across multiple sources
  • Relevant, accurate answers are hard to pick out of content
  • Answers are often too long or otherwise not yet ready for use with messaging
  • Answers aren’t in the right form to use across channels

Key features and capabilities:

KnowledgeAI makes automating answers easy and self-serve:

  • Ingest content from a variety of sources, like CMSs, Google Sheets, and CSVs
  • Transform content into messaging-ready answers to help consumers across channels: Web, SMS, Apple Business Chat, and more
  • Use AI to answer the question the consumer asked in any language supported by our NLU or supported third-party NLU engines
  • Automate AI-powered answers to consumer questions
  • Equip agents with time-saving, AI-powered answers
  • Improve results through analysis of historical answer performance and testing


Unify knowledge from multiple sources

  • Continue to use the tools and platforms that your brand’s content developers are familiar with. KnowledgeAI allows brands to simply:
    • Integrate a CMS or Google sheet
    • Import a CSV full of content
    • Work from scratch directly within KnowledgeAI
  • Connect your brand’s content source to KnowledgeAI via an API to power messaging-ready answers, with little or no manual effort
  • Tune and customize articles for messaging easily within KnowledgeAI

Offer the right answers at the right time

  • Answer the consumer’s question using powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology
  • Use powerful analytics to measure and improve the impact of answers
  • Track and improve efficiency of your answers and automations

Automate answers

Use the same content source to:

  • Power Conversation Builder bots with answers, reaching your consumers across channels: SMS, Apple Business Chat, voice, and more
  • Recommend answers to agents within Conversational Cloud’s agent workspace

Equip agents with a toolbelt of easy-to-use responses

  • Use intents to recommend answers and automations to agents when they need them
  • Start recommending answers from KnowledgeAI in just a few clicks
  • Save agent time

How KnowledgeAI Works

The diagram below illustrates how you can unify and leverage your content to:

  • Power intelligent answers via Conversation Builder bots
  • Recommend answers to agents via Agent Assist
  • Get answers directly via APIs (coming soon)

KnowledgeAI works with LivePerson’s NLU engine and those from other providers. LivePerson’s own NLU engine supports several, different languages, with more languages being added often.

Using your content in an automated conversation:

Recommending answers and bots to agents:

Next steps: Getting started

  • Transform content into messaging ready answers. Create answers to consumer questions using one or more CMS, Google Sheet, or csv. Get started here

  • Use content in automated conversations. Answer consumer questions with confidence by matching questions to answers with NLU. Use content from your internal CMS in Conversation Builder bots to drive increased bot containment. Get started here

  • Recommend answers to agents. Provide answers from your internal CMS to your agents inline within digital conversations to make the agents more effective and consistent. Get started here

  • Recommend automations to agents. Enable your agents to use recommended bot flows to manage repeatable activities, freeing the agents up for more meaningful conversations. Get started here