To access the Conversation Builder, click the Conversational AI tab at the top of your Conversational Cloud screen. From there, click on the Conversation Builder icon in the left hand side-bar and then click on the Conversation Builder icon on the screen which opens.

Why brands need bots, automation and empowered agents

Today, conversations and messaging are the most effective way for brands to interact with consumers. Conversational commerce makes it easy for people to ask questions, buy things, and get help using their preferred messaging service. Yet, messaging transforms how brands interact with consumers, creating large volumes of conversations from phone calls, messaging channels and more.

Once a brand embraces messaging, they need a way to scale their contact center operations to support the personalized, accessible, and always-on relationship that messaging enables. LivePerson is leading the industry in the adoption of messaging through a conversational platform that combines bots, automation and AI to enable this scalable transformation. Conversation Builder is an all-in-one platform for easily building bots that are tailor-made to be effective in conversational commerce.

Unique benefits of the Conversation Builder

Conversation Builder allows brands to build bots that connect to all consumer messaging channels and everyday systems, like Salesforce. Conversation Builder provides brands with an easy-to-use bot builder that allows non-technical staff, often the people who best understand a brand’s voice, to create, optimize and visualize bots.

Conversation Builder (dialog-based bot building)

LivePerson built Conversation Builder as a dialog-based tool for creating bots at scale. This allows brands to leverage non-technical staff to build, optimize, and improve bots and the automated conversation flows they support. As a result, the bots are more effective and more competent, and the time to develop and optimize is much faster.

Top capabilities of Conversation Builder

A one-stop shop to build and visualize bots

Bots can require complex development with heavy reliance on developers and involved integrations. Conversation Builder uniquely lets brand build and visualize dialog flows in a single UI. As a dialog is created, the “Assist” capability can be used to easily search for and associate an intent with the dialog.

Connect to messaging channels & business systems with full integration

As a part of LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform, bots built with Conversation Builder can be instantly connected to all messaging channels, and show up in the real-time monitoring and reporting.

Agents as collaborators in training & optimization

The best people to train bots are human agents who are experts in conversations. Typically, agents are disconnected from the development and optimization process conducted by data scientists, developers or product managers.

Conversation Builder replaces the code-based programming required by most automation platforms, and allows non-technical staff, like bot managers, agent managers and even qualified agents, to be hands-on in building and training bots.

Together with integration to LivePerson's conversational commerce platform, there exists a seamless back-and-forth escalation with human agents who can supervise bots as they work. Agents can intervene to pick up conversations where bots cannot continue - what we call the "human-bot tango." Bot managers or qualified agents have the tools to teach bots to deliver a great consumer experience by changing the introduction text or question. In this way, agents and bots can tango - an instrumental capability in helping brands maintain a positive user experience.

Predefined, industry vertical templates

Brands don’t need to start from scratch to build bots. Conversation Builder has a set of predefined, industry vertical templates (e.g., retail, telecommunications, and finance) that enable rapid adoption of automation. Each conversational template consists of the following capabilities:

  • Intents associated with the use case
  • Conversational dialogs with appropriate interactions for the respective channels or end points (e.g., Web, Apple Business Chat, SMS)
  • API integrations with industry-leading services (e.g., Shopify, Salesforce, Timetrade, Hybris) and brand-specific services
  • Integration with product catalogs, order systems, knowledge bases, and more
  • The option to leverage pre-existing automation and NLU investments including DialogFlow, Watson, Lex and other NLU providers

For example, a brand can use a pre-built retail template from the template library, edit the script to customize it according to their brand lingo, and immediately integrate to Shopify or connect their product catalog.

How Conversation Builder works

Leverage LivePerson’s Conversation Builder with native bots: Bots can be built in Conversational Builder through an interactive dialog builder, or by selecting from a library of pre-built, industry-specific bot templates. The templates allow brands to deploy out-of-the-box bots for top intents in retail, telco and other verticals – enabling rapid adoption of automation.

Using inputs and prompts and a point-and-click interface, bots are built based on simple dialog flows, not complicated coding algorithms. Brands can easily design, build, and optimize high-impact conversations at scale.

By allowing contact center managers, agents and agents managers to create and manage bots, the Conversation Builder helps brands to create bots that forge relationships with brands just as they talk to one another, through natural language and dialogue.

See the Developer Center for tutorials and guides on the Conversation Builder to learn how to get started, set up a user, and get up and running with pre-built bot templates.