You can log in to your account here. To reset your password, please click here. If you encounter any issues with resetting your password, please see the frequently asked questions below.

Why am I getting a “process failed” error when I try to reset my password?

If your user is disabled, you will get a “Process failed” error when trying to reset your password. Before you can reset your password, your user must be re-enabled.

The Captcha on the forgot password window isn’t working.

If after selecting the Captcha checkbox (to the left of I’m not a robot) and clicking the Submit button, you are returned to the Forgot password window or you receive the error “Captcha error There is a problem with the Captcha service.”:

  1. Refresh the page, fill in the form again, and select the Captcha checkbox.
  2. Wait for the Captcha to be approved (a green checkmark is displayed in the checkbox).
  3. Click the Submit button.

I didn’t receive the password reset email. How can I reset my password?

If after submitting the Forgot password form, you received the Request submitted message but you didn’t receive an email:

  1. Double check your Inbox for an email from LivePerson Support .
  2. Check your Spam/Junk email folder for an email from LivePerson Support .
  3. If you were unable to locate the email in your email folders, and you are not an admin user, please contact your local admin user for help.
  4. If you’re an admin user of a small to medium-size account, you can do one of the following:
    – If you are able to provide validation (your account’s credit card number/most recent invoice), please contact LivePerson Support for help.
    – If you cannot validate your account, please contact another local admin for help.
  5. If you are an admin user of a large account, you can do one of the following:
    – Reach out to another local admin for help enabling your user.
    – Contact your LivePerson account team for help.
    – Contact LivePerson Support and ask them to open a case for your account team, requesting that they contact you regarding your login problems. Your account manager will validate your request and help you enable your user.

For details on how to enable a user, click here.

The reset password button in the email doesn’t work; it takes me back to the “forgot password” page.

I received the password reset email but when I click the password reset button in the email, it just takes me back to the Forgot Password page. If I click Forgot Password again, I am taken back to the Forgot Password page. It seems to be a continuous loop.

The reason for this error is your company’s mail service security settings are most likely modifying links in your emails, including the Reset Password link.

Mail security services (such as Office 365 ATP Safe Links) often send an organization’s clicked links via their own services to check if the link is safe. You can identify this by a change in the URL of the Reset Password button within the email (not the URL in the address bar after the redirect).

Please contact your local system administrator and ask them to add and to the your company’s security mechanism Safe List.

For more information on Office 365 ATP Safe Links, your admin can refer to Office 365 ATP Safe Links and set up a custom do-not-rewrite URLs list using Office 365 ATP Safe Links on the Microsoft web site.

Why can’t I log into the Conversational Cloud from Chrome?

Your Chrome browser may have an unsupported extension installed (e.g. Ghostery) that is known to block cookies and other functionality. You must disable the extension and sign in to the Conversational Cloud.

Unsupported extensions can cause issues on all browsers.