Generative Insights FAQs

    The counter for your questions is reset at midnight, 12am of EST time (UTC/GMT -5).

    The question limit is per user.

    Currently, we do not offer the answer saving or exporting options such as printing or saving as PDF. We suggest you Copy and Paste the answer into an email, text document, or presentation slides. Keep in mind that the answers will be deleted from the Insights page after midnight 12 AM EST.

    At present, this functionality is not available; however, it is under consideration for future enhancement. Meanwhile, we provide the conversation extract and conversation transcript of the selected conversations, forming the basis for the response.

    To improve conversation-type targeting we've integrated a filtering feature. This function empowers users to refine their search by submitting relevant keywords and applying filters related to skills, MCS (Meaningful Conversation Score), and conversation sources. This capability allows us to identify the most pertinent conversations, ultimately leading to more profound insights.

    We will monitor the types of questions asked by the users of this feature to ensure that our LLM prompt is optimized for most frequent questions. We assume that your questions do not contain any confidential or private information.

    A pop-up survey integrated into the Generative Insights UI is set to appear once every six months.

    No. Generative Insights operates exclusively on closed conversations. The architecture of Generative Insights does not accommodate real-time or open conversations.

    Currently we do not offer this functionality, but we consider it as a future enhancement. If you want to ask the same question later, e.g. on a different day, you have to retype it.

    No, currently, this functionality is not supported. Once a question is submitted, you won't be able to rephrase it or modify the filter. Any changes would  require asking a new question.

    No, currently all questions are independent from each other. You cannot get back to the previously selected conversations.

    The software will randomly select 100 conversations from the last day, week, or month and generate an answer to your question. You can use filters to select more specific conversations. The Filter functionality provides users with the ability to customize their query by applying specific filters. Allowing users to narrow down and refine the information they seek.

    When a user asks an irrelevant or unsupported question, two possible scenarios may unfold:
    1. The user might receive inaccurate and incompatible insights. To verify this, they can refer to the 'View Conversation' table.
    2. Alternatively, the user may encounter the following message: "Sorry, it is not possible to provide an answer to this question.

    Liveperson has a legal agreement with Azure that none of the outgoing data will be used in any capacity for training. Azure OpenAI does not use our prompts and responses for training. 

    Generative Insights is built upon a combination of both the 3.5 and 4 models.

    Missing Something?

    Check out our Developer Center for more in-depth documentation. Please share your documentation feedback with us using the feedback button. We'd be happy to hear from you.