IP address blocking

Protect your platform and your agents by blocking unwanted addresses
  • Messaging
  • Chat

In order to protect your online security and the safety of your agents, it may become necessary on occasion to block an IP address, or a group of IP addresses. For example, if your platform is being attacked by malicious software or if your agents are having trouble with abusive customers.

By creating a target audience excluding a specific IP address or set of addresses, engagements will not be visible to users of those addresses and they will not have the option to chat.

A target audience can also be created with the inclusion of specific IP addresses. For example, if you have created a test environment and want to ensure that only people from within your team have access to the engagement.

To exclude/include an IP address(es):

  1. In the Campaign Builder, click add campaign.
  2. Give your campaign a name and add a goal.
  3. Under target audience, click edit.
  4. In target audience library, click add new.
  5. Give the target audience a name.
  6. On the left-hand side options bar, click on IP range.
  7. Here you have the option of including or excluding IP addresses:
    • To include an IP address or range of addresses, click include IP range and enter addresses. To include only one address, enter it twice.
    • To exclude an IP address or range of addresses, enter addresses in the exclude IP range area. To include only one address, enter it twice.
    • Additional addresses or ranges can be added by clicking add IP range.
  8. Click save.

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