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Accessibility is the practice of making websites and products usable by as many people as possible. 

LivePerson is committed to making messaging inclusive and accessible to every consumer, allowing everyone to connect with the brands they love. Moreover, with conversational solutions, brands can not only serve every consumer, including those with disabilities but can also provide an extra avenue of assistance. With messaging, consumers can get assistance from agents and bots who can perform actions on their behalf, such as completing a form or searching for items on a website. 

LivePerson also extends accessibility support to brand employees such as agents and agent managers, empowering every employee, including those with disabilities, to provide the best customer service.

LivePerson Accessibility Conformance Status

LivePerson strives to adhere to the highest level of accessibility regulations around the world, by adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed by

You may find all relevant information on technology standards, conformed criteria, and scope in the conformance statement for each product listed below.

Currently, LivePerson have completed WCAG 2.2AA audits for Web Messaging and Mobile SDK. We are working to remediate any outstanding issues to drive alignment towards these standards. The VPAT for Agent Workspace is planned to be published by mid April.

Consumer experience

Brand user experience

WCAG Criteria

Product2.0AA2.1AAConformance Letter
Agent Workspace for Messaging
XAgent and Agent Manager WCAG2.1AA Certification Letter
Manager Workspace
XAgent and Agent Manager WCAG2.1AA Certification Letter
Chat Workspace
XAgent and Agent Manager WCAG2.1AA Certification Letter

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