Multi-factor authentication overview

Provide an additional layer of security for your users' login flows
  • Messaging
  • Chat


Brands can leverage LivePerson’s Multi-factor Authentication capability to provide an additional layer of security for their agents’ (that also includes others LE-Users such as admins etc…) login flows.

The agent’s Multi-factor Authentication feature is a best practice enhancement for agent login flow that adds an extra layer of protection on top of username and password as a prerequisite for each login attempt.

The additional step of verification take place by a code which provided on the individual personal device (smartphone) on a dedicated authenticator app and being entered by him on the second login step (right after entering his credentials) in the login process.

Each Conversational Cloud user in all roles (Agent, Agent Manager, Campaign Manager, Admin) will be enforced by MFA where only Admin will be able to manage the MFA rules as part of the account login policies. For an account admin the management of login policies and the activation of the multi-factor authentication feature will be accessible in a self service matter via a dedicated new LE-Application UI.

Agents that will be having issues with their MFA login (locked/lost device/etc…) will be able to get their administrator with resetting their MFA configuration.

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