Secure Forms Studio Overview

Secure Form Studio is a self-service application for secure forms containing the below modules to help brands for improving the consumer experience & save time.
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Secure Form Studio is a self-service application for secure forms containing the below modules to help brands for improving the consumer experience & save time.

Forms: a powerful tool within our conversational cloud account. Within this module, users can effortlessly access and display a comprehensive list of all secure forms they have created. The functionality extends to enabling search capabilities, facilitating the creation, editing, and deletion of secure forms, and offering the flexibility to rearrange questions based on specific business preferences. Notably, a new question type, the Drop Down with options for 'Yes' and 'No', has been introduced to enhance customization. Additionally, users can now conveniently preview the form on the right-hand side of the application, streamlining the form creation and editing process for a seamless experience.

Themes: a crucial tool for our brands to tailor their secure forms according to their unique brand aesthetics. This module empowers users to effortlessly customize various elements of their secure forms, ensuring alignment with their brand's distinctive style. Among the customizable features are the ability to alter the background color of the form, substitute the default logo with their brand logo, and fine-tune font specifications, including type, size, and color. It's important to note that the customization options provided here apply uniformly across all forms, as customization on an individual form level is not supported.

Assign Skills to Forms allows agents to streamline their workflow by presenting secure forms based on their Line of Business (LOB) and specific skills. Instead of displaying all secure forms in the predefined content widget, this module tailors the view to align with an agent's expertise and responsibilities. Additionally, for each secure form, up to 100 skills can be assigned, ensuring a precise and efficient allocation of forms based on proficiency.

Advantages for brands

Convenience: Users can be used this application anytime as long as they have relevant permissions to work with secure form studio. 

Efficiency: Save brand time and effort. No more long waits from the Live Person account team, as you have access to the application. 

  • Customization: Secure Form Studio is developed to be more self-service, and customize the secure forms & brand users can work with secure forms directly. 
  • Login & Access: LPA Users & Users with administrator profiles can only access & work with secure form studio. 

Key features of Secure Form Studio:

Self Service applications can be accessed via the conversation cloud portal.

  • Search forms using the search option in Forms Module.  
  • Create a new form by clicking on the (+New Form) in Forms Module. 
  • Edit & delete the secure forms when forms and questions are no longer needed in Forms Module. 
  • Customize the secure forms in the Themes Module.
  • Assign skills to forms. 

Dynamically customisable Secure Form questions

Dynamically customize Secure Form questions according to their preferences. This empowers brands to take control and create Secure Forms tailored to their specific needs without having to rely on the LivePerson account team for every customization request. Within the Secure Forms Studio, various answer types can be defined for each question, including text, numeric, yes/no, credit card information, and CVV (off the record). This flexibility ensures that Secure Forms can precisely capture the required information in a manner that aligns with the brand's requirements and compliance standards.

Secure Forms to inherit look and feel from page

With Secure Forms Studio, it’s possible for brands to customize the secure forms as per their requirements/styling. Listed below are some features that can be customized:

Customize Header & Footer 

Brand can customize Logos or replace them with the company logo ( Allowed types - jpeg & png, Max Size 2 MB, Image Dimensions - 50X53)

Header & footer can be customized (note the text of header & footer is fixed), the text cannot be customized. 

Listed below are customize options:

      • Font Color
      • Font Size 
      • Font Type 
      •  Form Background Color

Customize Questions 

 Listed below are customize options for the Questions & Answers:

  • Font Color
  • Font Size 
  • Font Type 

Customize Submit Button 

Listed below are customize options for the Submit Button:

  • Font Color
  • Font Size 
  • Font Type 

Secure Forms configuration by Skill/LOB, sort and filter alphabetically.

With the Secure Forms Studio, it’s possible for the agents to see the secure forms based on their LOB & Skills instead of all the Secure Forms in the predefined content widget. Agents can also sort and filter the forms alphabetically, both, in the Forms view as well as in the Skills view.  

To activate Secure Forms functionality within your conversational cloud account, reach out to your Live Person account team. If you hold the role of an admin or LPA User, you can access the Management Console to utilize the Secure Form Studio. Navigate to the Management Console and search for "Secure Form Studio." Proceed to open the Secure Form Studio Feature Page, then click on "Configure in New Tab." This action will launch the Secure Form Studio application in a new tab, guiding you through the Landing Page, where you can initiate the setup process by clicking on "Let's Start."

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