Data & reporting

    To locate chats that only contain private messages:

    • On the Web History page, export your data in JSON format
    • In the JSON file, search all data containing: “subType”:”ONLY_TO_REP”

    When a chat ends, the reason for the chat’s termination is displayed in the chat transcript. To view the reason for the chat’s termination:

    • Log into LivePerson and go to Visitors > Web History tab
    • Locate the chat(s) you’re interested in
    • The reason for chat termination is recorded in the chat end reason column
    • You can export the chat transcript by selecting 'Export to CSV' from the action drop down menu

    Unfortunately, there is no way to change the email in the LivePerson interface. If you’d like to change the email where you receive Analytics Builder scheduled reports.

    Information that has been masked for security and data protection reasons cannot be unmasked. Masked information will appear as a series of asterisks.

    For example: If “1234” is masked it will be replaced with “****

    Deleted user data is stored in LivePerson and visible for 13 months following deletion.

    Deleted agents are displayed with a '(deleted)' indicator in the Open Conversations, All Conversations, Web History lists, and the Conversation History widget.

    Before deleting a user, ensure that the agent doesn’t own any open conversations (if so, these conversations should be transferred to the queue) and that the user is logged out of LivePerson.

    Filter by deleted agents is available in the Open Conversations, All Conversations, and web history lists.

    In the visitor conversation window, the name of the deleted agent will be displayed in the window header (with no indication that they have been deleted).

    The LivePerson user limit 'collections.maxElements' will not count the number of deleted users in the total.

    A user who joined a chat and then was deleted won’t be reflected as deleted in the history.

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