Campaigns overview

Invite consumers to message with digital engagements managed in campaigns
  • Messaging
  • Chat

What are campaigns?

A campaign is a library of your chat or messaging buttons, also known as engagements. Campaigns can be made up of one or multiple engagements, which enable brands to interact with their consumers. By defining different aspects of your campaigns, you can determine where the messaging buttons will display, who they will display to and how they will behave. Engagements can then be placed on your website or mobile app and are used to offer to message or chat to your visitors.

Campaigns enable you to:

  • Add messaging buttons or banners to your websites (desktop or mobile)
  • Add messaging buttons to your mobile app
  • Add live chat buttons or banners to your websites
  • Control settings such as routing, look and feel, and behavior for all of these

Why use campaigns?

The Campaign Builder provides a simple, UI-based method for managers and admins to create, edit and maintain buttons for messaging and chat. Campaigns enable you to control everything from the look and feel of the button and the conversation window, to determining when, where, and to who they will display. Campaign managers and admins have permission to access, create and edit campaigns.

Campaigns glossary

  • Engagement: an engagement is a banner or button that launches a conversation. The engagement is comprised of the creative (banner or button), the window, all the settings, and its rules. An engagement also refers to the actual conversation or interaction between a brand and a consumer.
  • Engagement window: refers to the pop-up window containing the conversation. This window appears when a user clicks on a messaging or chat button. The window contains the conversation and surveys and can be fully customized within the Campaign Builder.
  • Engagement Attributes: Engagement attributes are entities or data points that are passed to LivePerson from your website. For the example user name, products purchased purchase amount, VIP customer, etc.
  • Entry point: this is the page or area of your website or app where a messaging or chat button will be displayed.


For added efficiency when creating multiple campaigns, libraries save various elements for reuse within your campaigns and engagements.

There are 7 libraries of entities within the Campaign Builder:

  • Goal Library
  • Target Audience Library
  • Special Occasion Library
  • Engagement Template Library
  • Engagement Window Library
  • Entry Point Library
  • Behavioral Targeting Library

When you design a new engagement window or a set of rules to determine the target audience they will be saved in their respective libraries and you can select them again when creating or editing additional campaigns or engagements.

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