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Manage conversations from a range of popular channels in one centralized location
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Many popular messaging channels now enable brands to interact with their consumers using their preferred channel. For brands, creating a presence on these channels is key to building connections and creating prospects. LivePerson’s platform gives brands the ability to maintain this presence and effectively manage conversations from a range of channels simultaneously.

Messaging connectors make it simple for brands to integrate popular third-party channels into their contact center operations. LivePerson’s platform is equipped with innovative operational tools, offering one centralized location for managing all your interactions effectively.

LivePerson currently offers connectors for the following messaging channels:


Multiple Messaging Connectors in Workspace

Why manage conversations with LivePerson?

Fully-equipped Agent Workspace:

The Agent Workspace is a centralized platform equipped with innovative tools and resources such as predefined content, CRM integrations, and other capabilities to help agents effectively answer and manage conversations from different channels.
Bots that you can use and apply to all channels:

With pre-integrated bot and AI support, brands can create their own bots or apply previously configured bots and manage them all from within the platform. Bots created within LivePerson’s platform will work on any messaging channel the brand has adopted, and will automatically adjust to suit the capabilities of each channel.
Advanced metrics and reporting:

LivePerson gives brands access to in-depth reporting and metrics that messaging channels don’t supply. With the ability to measure operational efficiency, agent performance, business outcomes, and more directly from within the platform, they can better monitor and optimize operations.
Practical features help you manage messaging at scale:

With built-in features like Dynamic Capacity and Queue Prioritization, as well as asynchronous reporting tools and dashboards, LivePerson’s platform makes it possible for contact centers to run messaging operations smoothly.

Messaging operations at scale

LivePerson’s platform has the following capabilities for messaging connectors:

Routing - LivePerson enables brands to easily identify the intent of the consumer, i.e., the reason why they have requested to message. For practice with routing conversations based on intent, complete the in-depth Conversation Builder tutorial series.

Engagement attributes - Engagement attributes help brands to collect more in-depth information about visitors, such as products viewed, errors encountered and more. Brands can configure these attributes within the platform to track more details about consumers and better serve their needs.

Post Conversation Survey - The Post Conversation Survey Bot gives you the ability to collect feedback from consumers at the end of a conversation, without utilizing the time of a human agent. The bot can ask specialized questions designed to provide CSAT, FCR and NPS metrics, questions that reflects your custom KPIs, or free text questions. This feature is ideal for measuring agent and skill performance and identifying opportunities to improve on quality targets.

MCS - LivePerson’s proprietary Meaningful Conversation Score (MCS) uses natural language processing and AI to measure consumer sentiment during conversations. The MCS is an unbiased, real-time indicator of CSAT and consumer sentiment, offering increased insight into the consumer experience. MCS does not rely on customers answering surveys, but rather on a deep analysis of the tone, content, and sentiment of consumer’s actual conversations with the brand in real-time.

Agent messaging tools - Agents are empowered to handle interactions with a range of tools that both complement and enhance messaging operations, such as being able to proactively open a conversation, configure auto-accept for new messages and set conversations to auto-close after a configured time period.

Centralized Conversation History and reporting - Connector conversations are included in the All Conversations list, meaning transcripts can be filtered and analyzed, and reporting and metrics easily evaluated. This makes it simple to report on all messaging channels together and compare results.

LivePerson provides reports that allow the brand to measure:

  • Volume by messaging channel
  • Operational metrics
  • Agent efficiency metrics
  • Queue length metrics and averages
  • Business outcomes and conversions

Automatic messages - Automatic or system messages are predefined messages that are presented automatically in the thread during a messaging conversation to provide consumers with contextual information about the conversation status. They are triggered by specific events, such as the consumer opening a new conversation or the conversation being transferred to another agent.

The platform cannot control the look and feel of Automatic Messages sent via the connector, so they will appear the same as agent messages. However there are two options to solve this - for more information, and for further details on auto messages and how to customize them, click here.

Rich Conversations - Rich Conversations gives brands the ability to send messages to customers in a variety of ways and formats, enhancing conversations and making them more flexible. These capabilities drive conversational commerce, enabling brands to serve more use cases over messaging. Rich Conversation capabilities for connectors include: structured content cards, carousels, quick replies, photo sharing and audio sharing.

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