At any given time in your shift as an agent, you are expected to handle multiple conversations in a competent and efficient manner. By using the predefined content in your conversations, you can relieve some of the pressure on yourself, achieve your goals and maintain your high standards. The use of predefined content saves time, and can ensure consistent, error-free responses and a professional tone of voice.

You can access the predefined phrases while you are chatting and, rather than retyping repeatedly, you can select the relevant, ready-made response. The predefined responses are organized in categories, such as Greeting, Conversational, Closing and additional categories that your managers create based on your business needs. Managers can also assign Hotkeys (shortcuts) to the most useful predefined responses and you can save time and energy by using them.

Usually, predefined content will be filtered by skill. However, there are two scenarios when all predefined content will be returned, without filtering:

  • The agent and the engagement do not have an assigned skill
  • When an Agent Manager views a conversation without joining it

While you are chatting, you can quickly navigate through the categories and select the relevant response. Here are a some examples of categorized predefined responses:

  • Closing: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us any time.
  • Conversational: Thank you for waiting.
  • Greeting: Hello, How may I assist you?