What's New 2023 Roundup

We want to reflect on 2023 and take you through the many highlights we’ve seen as a company. 
Watch this short video to see LivePerson’s top features that were launched this year.

This year LivePerson introduced Autopilot: Your brand's instant expert

Autopilot swiftly transforms into an 'expert agent' by analyzing your brand's content, including knowledge base articles, past interactions, and documents, to fuel powerful conversations and deliver context-aware, secure, and up-to-date conversations across voice and messaging.

Autopilot seamlessly absorbs your content, drastically slashing development time and effort needed for creating virtual assistants compared to conventional conversational AI solutions.

Experience a significant reduction in operational costs as Autopilot increases coverage of customer inquiries, resulting in fewer escalations. This allows your human agents to dedicate more time to handling intricate and high-value tasks.

Armed with a profound understanding of your content, Autopilot delivers responses that are not only more accurate but also highly relevant. This precision translates into an elevated Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, ensuring a better overall Customer Experience (CX).

Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles and escalating operational costs—Autopilot is here to elevate your customer interactions and streamline your processes. For more information on Autopilot, click here.

We also launched CoPilot which includes Conversation Assist and Conversation Summary! 

Conversation Copilot empowers your business to improve agent productivity and accelerate bot creation with humans-in-the-loop.

Conversation Summary: Generate brief summaries of previous customer conversations handled by a bot or a human agent. This includes the customer's questions, concerns, and key problems and attempted resolutions by the bot or by the previous agent who communicated with the customer across voice and messaging. Agents can easily determine the current intent of the consumer without having to read through the entire transcript, which saves them time and effort. The summary is available for both ongoing and historical conversations, providing context and helping to resolve any ongoing issues.


Conversation Assist: Empower your agents with LLM-powered recommendations for improved productivity, faster onboarding and consistent conversation results across your business. Utilizing just-in-time recommendations enhances agent efficiency, improves conversational outcomes, and helps in reducing onboarding time for new agents. For more information, click here.

Next up...Prompt Library

In the era of Generative AI, everything begins with a prompt. LivePerson's Prompt Library unlocks precise control over the instructional prompts used in Conversation CoPilot and Conversation AutoPilot scenarios. 

Within the Prompt Library, you have at your disposal a selection of meticulously developed and rigorously tested templates. These templates can be readily tailored to align with your unique use cases, or you can construct prompts from scratch.

The Prompt Library is a pivotal resource that streamlines the management and customization of prompts deployed in conversational AI applications. No longer constrained to generic templates, you can seamlessly select and modify existing prompts. You can access important info, such as update history and usage status. The library also facilitates categorization based on prompt functionality and client type.

The Prompt Library enables iterative prompt refinement, empowering you to uncover the most effective strategies for your Generative AI solution. Stay at the forefront of AI-driven conversations with LivePerson's cutting-edge Prompt Library. For more information, click here.

LivePerson introduced Knowledge Ingestion via CRM/CMS Integration

This year LivePerson introduced an advanced solution for creating knowledge bases in KnowledgeAI by seamlessly integrating with Workato through LP Integration Hub. It enables brands to establish connections, transform content (including title, summary, details, category, tags, content URL, image URL and more), set content synchronization options (on-demand or scheduled), and retrieve content based on CMS requirements (pagination, rate limits, etc).

Benefits include:

  • Improved AI search performance: Leveraging content in summaries and details in addition to titles, along with state-of-the-art AI search capability and multilingual support.
  • Automated content updates: brands define the content synchronization schedule as they wish. 
  • Seamless API integration: no matter what API call restrictions each CMS might have (e.g. authentication, pagination, rate limit, etc).
  • Simplified knowledge base creation: brands can utilize pre-designed LP KnowledgeAI recipe templates in Workato for popular CMS such as Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and more.
  • Easy monitoring and debugging of content sync: thanks to the power of Workato.

For more information, click here.

There has been much talk about Voice AI in 2023 (excuse the pun!)

Voice Bots are a powerful way to engage with your consumers effortlessly and naturally to drive convenience, efficiency and personalization. In addition, they tie into third-party systems easily, including your existing telephony and CCaaS systems to effortlessly allow your brand to power a 24/7 contact center with one unified platform. 

With Voice AI, you can seamlessly automate intents and handle FAQ’s end to end while powering up multimodal experiences to engage consumers via voice and outbound SMS simultaneously. Consumers can also choose to engage on Voice and switch the conversation over to agents over messaging.

In addition, LivePerson launched Voice AI V2 and now Voicebots are built on a multilingual language model with experimental support for 44+ languages including Spanish. Whether you want to auto-detect the language spoken or leverage a list of language options for customers to choose from, you can simply configure your bots to meet your needs.

The Channel setup experience for Voice bots spawns beyond acquiring a phone number and can be used to manage specific settings such as call recordings, call redaction, Voice selections, Audio cues or Earcons, SIP transfer settings and much more. Voice features can be configured in a centralized and unified way.

Using Conversation Builder, our Voice Bots offer key features such as creating Voice Bots in various accents, using text-to-speech or pre-recorded audio, supporting touch-tone responses, and enriching answers with Generative AI. You will now also have the the ability to seamlessly enable “Transfer to Messaging” and “Call Transfers”.

Managing Voice Bots are easy - you can manage the Voice settings that may be specific to the bot and test the voice bot with a mechanism to playback each dialogue within the flow. These features make it easy to create a human-like experience that meets your customers' needs. Managers can tune into the Voice bot conversations and play back the call recordings within the Manager Workspace. 

For more information on Voice AI, click here.


As if that wasn't enough…Generative Insights was also launched

Generative Insights is a cutting-edge tool that empowers brands to harness the rich treasure trove of data buried within their conversation history. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, our product enables you to extract meaningful insights, trends, and sentiments directly from your customer interactions. Whether you're curious about why customers are reaching out, why they might be canceling orders, what's causing frustration, or what they absolutely love about your product or service – Generative Insights has the answers you seek.

Natural Language Querying: Generative Insights offers a natural and intuitive way to access your customer data. Simply ask questions in plain language, just as if you were inquiring with a human analyst. For instance:

  • "Why did customers contact us today?"
  • "What are customers frustrated about?"
  • "What do customers love about our product/service?"

Our advanced AI algorithms understand your questions and provide insightful responses, eliminating the need for complex query languages or data science expertise.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Generative Insights streamlines the process of extracting insights from conversation history. It saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent reading transcripts or sifting through extensive data sets. With this tool, you can make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

For more information on Generative Insights, click here.


LivePerson made some big changes to our Analytics Suite and introduced the Analytics Studio

Analytics Studio is a tightly integrated, turn-key analytics platform that converts conversations into rich actionable data within minutes. 

Conversations are measured with metrics like sentiment, survey results, MCS, and NPS and tagged with customizable key events like conversation drivers, and competitor mentions. The data from each conversation is combined with the metadata of their customers so that each conversation can be tagged with meaningful information about the customer’s, agent’s, and bot’s behavior impacting an interaction’s outcome.  Through a simple online configuration, this rich data is transformed and offered back to the customer in a relational data schema that customers can host in their own Snowflake, RedShift, Exasol, or other data management solutions. This approach provides clients with complete control and ownership of their data. Analytics Studio pairs all of this data with a complete suite of detailed Tableau dashboards which can be customized to fit the individual needs of each customer.

LivePerson also introduced the Report Center

The Report Center provides powerful tools and insights to make data-driven decisions and uncover valuable trends. Report center contains data from the Generative AI dashboard. 

It has a comprehensive set of interactive charts and graphs to visualize your data in a more intuitive and meaningful way. You can create personalized Report Center dashboards tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to monitor key generative AI metrics and track performance indicators in real-time.

It has better functionality and improved data filtering capabilities to generate more focused and insightful reports.


Report Center Mock up

Finally, 2023 was the introduction of LP Anywhere

LivePerson Connector for Salesforce provides a unified and sleek agent workspace experience for brands working with Salesforce. Agents can seamlessly login to Salesforce and directly engage with customers to manage tasks like: 

  • Accept incoming conversations across different messaging channels
  • Resolve customer issues & escalate/transfer conversations to other human/bot agents
  • Communicate with consumers over familiar messaging channels within Salesforce. This includes all messaging channels supported, such as web messaging, SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messaging, brands’ mobile app, etc. 
  • Get rich customer context with automatic matching capabilities based on email, phone or name.
  • Relate cases and opportunities to the Conversation and automatically save data to Salesforce.

The LivePerson Connector for Salesforce simplifies agent operations to dramatically increase agent focus and efficiency. It is designed to handle multiple channels of conversation at scale asynchronously, taking into account all of the features that were developed especially for messaging.For more information, click here.

Watch this space for more exciting updates in 2024!

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