Introducing Generative Insights

Revolutionize Customer Understanding with LivePerson's Latest Breakthrough

    Welcome to the future of customer insights! LivePerson is thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking new product, "Generative Insights," now available in Production,featuring an free trial phase option. This innovative solution combines the power of Generative AI with the invaluable voice of your customers, allowing you to effortlessly extract deep insights from your conversation history. Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through transcripts or exporting CSV files for keyword searches – with Generative Insights, you can simply ask the questions that matter most to you and gain unparalleled understanding.

    What is Generative Insights?

    Generative Insights is a cutting-edge tool that empowers brands to harness the rich treasure trove of data buried within their conversation history. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, our product enables you to extract meaningful insights, trends, and sentiments directly from your customer interactions. Whether you're curious about why customers are reaching out, why they might be canceling orders, what's causing frustration, or what they absolutely love about your product or service – Generative Insights has the answers you seek.

    Key Features and Benefits

    1. Natural Language Querying

    Generative Insights offers a natural and intuitive way to access your customer data. Simply ask questions in plain language, just as if you were inquiring with a human analyst. For instance:

    • "Why did customers contact us today?"
    • "What are customers frustrated about?"
    • "What do customers love about our product/service?"

    Our advanced AI algorithms understand your questions and provide insightful responses, eliminating the need for complex query languages or data science expertise.

    2. Time-Saving Efficiency

    Generative Insights streamlines the process of extracting insights from conversation history. It saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent reading transcripts or sifting through extensive data sets. With this tool, you can make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

    How it Works

    Each Admin user will get 20 questions per day to ask against their conversational history. Each day at 12 pm (midnight) EST the 20 questions will reset so users can continue gathering intelligence and insight.

    Feedback is welcome! Please provide feedback on your experience and additional features you’d like via the in-product survey to ensure we provide the best Generative Insights experience possible.

    Get Started with Generative Insights

    Getting started with Generative Insights is easy. Follow these steps to unlock the power of customer insights:

    • Talk to Your Account Team:  Reach out to your account team to express your interest in the Generative Insights Free Trial program.
    • Ensure acceptance of Generative AI terms: Accept the Generative AI Terms & Conditions. To participate in the free trial program, kindly reach out to the Generative Insights product manager. 
    • Enablement: Enable the Generative Insights AC features and ensure Intent Manager is also enabled.
    • Ask Questions, Gain Insights: Once integrated, start asking questions, and let Generative Insights provide you with valuable customer insights in real time.

    Generative Insights represents a significant leap forward in the world of customer understanding. 

    It combines the strength of Generative AI with the voice of your customers, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with ease and speed. At LivePerson, we're dedicated to helping you build stronger customer relationships, and Generative Insights is a testament to that commitment. Start your journey towards data-driven excellence with Generative Insights – the future of customer insights is here!

    Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we continue to refine and expand the capabilities of Generative Insights.

    Missing Something?

    Check out our Developer Center for more in-depth documentation. Please share your documentation feedback with us using the feedback button. We'd be happy to hear from you.