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LivePerson provides 24/7 live messaging support with immediate response.

Service status page

The status page is a communication tool that helps us inform our customers about outages and scheduled maintenance. 

You can access the service status page here.

You can also view the status page from your  Conversational Cloud account, by clicking on the agent avatar and then click on the service status dashboard.


Service status page dashboard

The status page dashboard is easy to use and shows the current status of each service. At the bottom of the dashboard, there is a glossary showing the various statuses. In the case of a ‘Service interruption’ for example, you can click on the exclamation mark to view the full details of the incident.

Once you enter the status page, there will be a full view of the current statuses and future maintenance activities. If you would like to receive an SMS with the progress of the case, click on Subscribe to get updates.


Check here to learn how you can receive proactive SMS and email alerts for major incidents in real-time.

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