As part of our continued effort to enhance our customers’ experiences and increase transparency, we are adding a new capability to the LivePerson Status Dashboard. This capability will allow you to receive proactive SMS and email alerts for major incidents in real-time.

We have added this capability following direct feedback from customers who asked for proactive alerts for major incidents and found the previous subscription option difficult to operate. With the new solution, users can subscribe to SMS and email alerts, and from that moment onwards all notifications related to their account will be sent without the need to re-subscribe.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Registering for Status Dashboard push notifications
  • New major incident notifications
  • Update notifications during major incidents
  • Resolution notifications
  • Incident canceled notifications
  • Scope removed notifications

Registering for Status Dashboard push notifications

Enter the Service Status Dashboard and click Subscribe to Updates

Select your preferred method for push notifications: Email and/or SMS and click Subscribe

A confirmation email/SMS will be sent to your inbox or mobile

New major incident notifications

Once an issue has been reported and is identified as a major incident, the Status Dashboard will send out a notification via email and/or SMS. The notifications are labeled according to their color, for example, the initial notification is appears in red and has a unique icon in the SMS message and red line in the email message.

Update notifications during major incidents

Update notifications are a status update for an active incident and are triggered when there’s a meaningful change in the incident status.

Resolution notifications

Resolution notifications will be sent once the incident has been successfully resolved. The recovery status will turn blue, indicating full system recovery.

Incident canceled notification

A Incident canceled notification will be sent in the event that a major incident was reported and identified after a thorough investigation, and it is determined that no account is impacted.

Scope removed notifications

A Scope removed notification will be sent in the event that a major incident was identified, but following further investigation, LivePerson has determined that your account is not impacted by this incident.