Week of October 12

New updates: Social Messaging, Analytics Builder, Consumer Web Messaging

Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication. Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

WhatsApp Business Connector


WhatsApp is introducing Business Search functionality within WhatsApp Client App.

WhatsApp’s Businesses Search functionality will initially and gradually roll out to four markets (Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia and the UK) from October 7th. Ahead of the launch, all eligible businesses (Official Business Accounts and Verified Business Accounts) will be automatically set to a “visible” status.

WhatsApp Business search offers businesses an opportunity to be discovered on WhatsApp. This feature lets WhatsApp users search for businesses and start a conversation with well-known brands without leaving WhatsApp.

The feature only displays official business accounts and verified business accounts that have not opted out of being visible in business search results.

Brands onboarded to WhatsApp using self-service can opt-out by visiting the WhatsApp manager UI and updating the "Search Visibility" flag next to the phone number. For brands that haven't gone through self-service and can't see the option to opt out, a ticket will need to be created here.

Business accounts registered outside eligible markets will not be visible to a user. For more information please visit following: WhatsApp Business Search.

  • This feature is currently only available to users in Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia and the UK.
  • This feature is currently only available on Android.

Analytics Builder


Auto selection of sub-groups in group filter

Up until now, when selecting specific groups in the group filter, only the groups selected were retrieved. Hence, users needed to manually check all the groups of the hierarchy in case they would like to view the data of the groups including their sub-groups

As of this version, a new checkbox “Auto select sub-groups” has been added next to the group filter.

By selecting this checkbox, all sub-groups will be automatically added to the filter once you select a specific group. 

In its default state, the checkbox is unchecked, hence selecting a specific group will only check the selected group (same as of now).


A new checkbox “Auto select sub-groups” has been added under the group filter


Example: Checking the box and selecting “Group A” will automatically select groups “Group A1” and “Group A11”, which are the subgroups of “Group A”. The hierarchy in this example is A>A1>A11.

  • By default, the ‘Auto select’ checkbox will be unselected.
  • The checkbox will be added automatically whenever the group filter is used, in predefined or custom dashboards. 
  • The capability is limited to filter of type “checkbox” only and is not available for other types, such as radio buttons, free text etc. 

Sales Attribution Weekly Report

A new weekly overview of the top KPIs to measure your sales performance is now available under the “Business Dashboard for Messaging”> ‘Incremental Reports’>‘Weekly Overview’ page. The report contains a grid of the following main metrics:

  • WEEK - The date of the first day of the week (starting on Sunday).
  • SOURCE TYPE - The end point (software) from which the conversation was initiated. 
  • NO.OF OPENED CONVERSATIONS - The number of conversations which were opened by either consumers or agents within the selected timeframe.
  • TOTAL DIRECT REVENUE AFTER ENGAGEMENT - Total direct revenue achieved from all campaigns after engagement.  
  • TOTAL DIRECT CONVERSIONS AFTER ENGAGEMENT - Total number of direct conversions achieved after engagement. 
  • TOTAL DIRECT CONVERSION RATE AFTER ENGAGEMENT - Percentage of direct conversions achieved after or during an engagement out of all sessions containing an engagement.  
  • TOTAL DIRECT AOV AFTER ENGAGEMENT - Average of the total direct revenue achieved after engagement out of the number of purchase transactions completed after engagement.   


Layout changes in Performance Dashboard for Messaging

In order to shorten the loading time of the “Performance Dashboard for Messaging”, the following changes have been made:

1. Following pages, which were part of the  “Brand Level Data” chapter, have been splitted into new chapters:

  • New “Repeat Contacts” chapter - includes the following pages:
    • RCR Summary
    •  RCR By Skill
  • New “Skill Level Data” chapter - includes the following pages:
    • Brand data export
    • Skill Segment Data
    • Skill Transfer Analysis
    • SLA Report

2. Following metrics have been removed from the visualizations and grids of the dashboard:

  • Active Consumers
  • Sales Conversion rate

The metrics are still available to be pulled from the datasets and can be easily added to any custom dashboard if needed. 


Messaging Performance Dashboard - Layout changes


A new chapter "Skill Level data" added. The chapter includes all the skill-level grids which were previously available under the Brand Level chapter.


A new chapter "Repeat Contacts" added to the dashboard. The chapter includes all the RCR related pages previously available under the Brand Level Data chapter.

Goals Tracker Dashboard for Messaging  - addition of Brand event ID 

The 'Brand Event ID'  column has been added to the "Agent Conversion Tracking Grid" under the "Goals Tracker Dashboard for Messaging". This is the ID sent by the brand as part of the engagement attributes to LE. The ID is extracted from orderId in Transaction SDE, serviceId in Service Activity SDE or leadId in Lead SDE.

Consumer Web Messaging


  • Ability to Blur Thumbnail Images in Messaging Transcripts for PII Scenarios
  • Additional Option for Drag & Drop/File Sharing Configuration for Disabling per Engagement vs Global Setting
  • Ability for Consumers to Move the Messaging Window Around the Screen


  • Addressed gap on iOS messaging window
  • Resolved Secure Form failing to send through Twilio, SMS, and ABC connectors.
  • Special symbol nbsp is now displayed as a space
  • Resolved CSS on image upload caption for Arabic Engagements
  • Addressed Window widget sdk dispose not working on slider from structured content
  • Quick replies are now displayed properly in the Arabic version of the bot
  • Resolved Cora Window Frame - Privacy Policy Not Announced