Week of May 31st

New updates: Conversational Cloud Infrastructure

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Conversational Cloud Infrastructure


Our LLM Gateway now offers hallucination detection

LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud includes a Large Language Model (LLM) Gateway that sits between our applications and the LLM service we use for Generative AI.


The primary job of the LLM Gateway is to pass requests to the LLM service and to receive responses in return. In this role, the gateway performs some post-processing that is vital and useful.

We’re pleased to announce that the LLM Gateway has a new Hallucination Detection post-processing service that checks responses from the LLM service for hallucinations with respect to URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses. Learn more in our Knowledge Center article.

Manager Workspace


Add the NPS metric in the activity summary widget. The NPS metric shows the value of the average score of the NPS answers. To enable, please contact your LivePerson account team. For more information, check out the Manager Workspace User Guide