Week of February 15th

New updates: New Agent Workspace, LINE & WhatsAppp Business Connector, Conversational Cloud Infrastructure, Consumer Identify Access Management, and Analytics Builder

Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication. Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Agent Workspace


Real time MCS Tracking for Agents 

The Meaningful Conversation Score (MCS) is a number score (from -100 to 100) that reflects the current consumer sentiment in a conversation. This score is now available for agents for ongoing selected conversations and displayed with five types of texts (and not as a number). The possible values are:

  • High Negative: -50 to -100  - “The Meaningful Conversation Score for this conversation is highly negative”.
  • Low Negative: -1 to -49 - “The Meaningful Conversation Score for this conversation is negative”.
  • Neutral: 0 - “The Meaningful Conversation Score for this conversation is currently neutral”.
  • Low Positive: 1 to 49 - “The Meaningful Conversation Score for this conversation is positive. Keep it up!”
  • High Positive: 50-100 - “The Meaningful Conversation Score for this conversation is positive. Great work!”
  • Error - “The Meaningful Conversation Score could not be retrieved for this conversation”


MCS is available in English, French, Italian, Japanese, German and Spanish.


Realtime MCS Tracking for Agents - Positive


Realtime MCS Tracking for Agents - Negative


Accessibility Project 

The following areas were enhanced with all enhancements included in NAW 1.40:

  • Labels for missing fields
  • Addition of missing fields for the All Conversations table to make it fully accessible
  • Reading of the consumer name for conversation actions verification modals
  • Addition of missing fields for the Predefined Content Widget to make it fully accessible
  • Focus on conversation actions verification modals
  • Reading of the selection mode for the Conversation History widget tabs
  • Reading of the selection mode for Predefined Content widget tabs
  • Fix of color contrast for various elements
  • Fix of All Conversations filter fields hierarchy
  • Move to 'Video call' frame instantly once the 'Video call' frame gets displayed after the user invokes the 'Video call' button
  • Narration of full tooltip information for Predefined Content sections
  • Addition of missing fields for the Agent Survey field under the All Conversations filter to make it fully accessible.
  • Focus for selected elements under the All Conversations filter fields.
  • Addition focus elements under the My Conversations status filter

Line Connector


LINE video sharing

Brands have the ability to receive video files from consumers through the LINE Messaging Channel.
Consumers are capable of recording a video or selecting an existing one and then sharing it with the brand.
Agents are able to either download the video from the designated agent workspace or view it directly within the transcript located in the agent workspace.

Limitations: The maximum file size is 15MB

WhatsApp Business Connector


WhatsApp Cloud API

LivePerson now supports the WhatsApp Cloud API. The implementation of the WhatsApp Cloud API is expected to enhance the stability, provide higher messaging throughput, and expedited access to newly released features.


On-premise vs Cloud API Architecture

The transition of our clients to the WhatsApp Cloud API will commence in February 2023 and continue to be performed over the next few months. You will receive a notification about the migration before it occurs, and no action is required from your side. LivePerson will perform the migration seamlessly, ensuring no disruption in service.

For further clarification, please refer to this FAQ. For all additional inquiries, please contact the LivePerson WhatsApp team via email at whatsapp-lp@liveperson.com, where we will be more than happy to assist.

Conversational Cloud Infrastructure


Agent Status Timer

Agent status indicators will now be available for agents to indicate how long they have been in a particular status. The status can be displayed under the user menu, under the selected status in the user menu, or both.


Agent Status Timer - User Menu


Agent Status Timer - Avatar

Increase number of custom away statuses

Taking future migrations into consideration where other business units may want their own custom statuses and to allow brands more flexibility, brands can now set up to 50 custom away statuses. Brands that enable this enhancement will have an easy-to-use interface for selecting the away status.


Increased Number of Custom Away Statuses UI


There is no ability to configure custom away statuses by Line of Business, Agent Group, or Skill as part of this feature.


Accessibility Project 

The following areas are enhanced:

  • Assign the Escape key to close the Help menu
  • Read current user status when hovering over the user menu
  • Fixed color contrast in the Connection Panel
  • Addition of focus for hidden elements when the 'Roles and assignment' button is in a collapsed state
  • Narration fix for the save button on the My Details page



Simplified login experience

As part of a wider project to simplify, secure and standardize the CIAM (Consumer Identity & Access Management) solution in LivePerson and expand our login features and security offerings, there is now a new experience for agent login to the Conversational Cloud.

Agent login flow in the Conversational Cloud login page (authentication.liveperson.net) will now be broken into a two-step flow:

1. ’Account selection’ - The agent will enter the SiteID/AccountID that he/she wishes to login to. This ID will be remembered by the browser, providing a more convenient flow next time.


updated agent login UI

2. ‘Enter your credentials’  


second window in updated login UI

Impact on account/agents login

There is no change or impact on your account or agent login. All login flows and even linked bookmarks to the Conversational Cloud login will work as before, just with this extra Account Selection step. 

Previously used bookmarked will automatically redirect to the new flow. 

Analytics Builder


Source type values  

Up until now, the “SOURCE TYPE” filter included values of conversation sources which were not necessarily in use by the brand. This behavior has now changed so that the values of “SOURCE TYPE” displayed in the filter area will only include sources which are in use by the brand (have volume).

“Unassigned” value added for Empty user type 

“USER TYPE” filter includes three possible options:

  • Human
  • Bot
  • System

In addition, in some use cases, it included an empty value as shown below:


Empty "USER TYPE" value in the user type filter

It happened in specific data scenarios when metrics in the report were not associated with any agent. For example -  if a conversation was closed while it's in queue, the “CLOSED CONVERSATIONS” metric was not assigned to any agent and an empty user type appeared in the list. 

Now, an “Unassigned” value has been added to the “USER TYPE” filter list, to represent those scenarios.

In addition, an “Unassigned” value will also show under the “AGENT NAME” filter.

The id for both “Unassigned” agent and “Unassigned” source type is (-1).


"Unassigned" user type and "Unassigned" agent shown in the filters.