Proactive campaigns is an effective communication tool used widely today to send bulk or personalized messages relating to consumers for sales or service information. Today, this is a one-way communication tool, brands have to have a call to action that directs consumers away from the channel - usually to visit the website or to call the brand. This drives call volume and web visits that often cause friction, and means that our brands are missing opportunities to respond to direct replies.

With LivePerson’s Proactive Messaging, brands can now send consumers outbound messages on SMS, or richer channels like WhatsApp to initiate high value marketing and customer care conversations. Instead of relying on low conversion emails, or one-way messages that drive consumers to web pages or phone calls. Proactive Messaging allows consumers to respond to marketing campaigns and customer care alerts within the same conversation. This results in higher conversion rates, fewer calls and lower operational costs, and Rich Conversation experiences that increase consumer satisfaction.

Benefits of using Proactive Messaging

Create conversations, not spam (Marketing)

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer messaging conversations to phone or email, and consumers that engage in messaging conversations are 3x more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Our two-way Proactive Messaging platform makes it easy to engage consumers with targeted campaigns, then respond to questions and sales inquiries in the same convenient conversation.

Deliver better care at lower costs (Customer Care)

Don’t make your consumers call and wait on hold to get support or information. Use Proactive Messaging to start conversations on topics like account updates or service outages to reduce inbound call and email volume and increase consumer satisfaction.

One platform for every channel and conversation (Single Platform)

The Conversational Cloud is the industry’s leading conversation management platform. It offers a single place to manage inbound and outbound messages from every channel, and layers in powerful chatbots for better consumer experiences and lower operational costs. The Conversational Cloud connects to back-end systems like CRMs, so that brands can easily manage marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs for proactive campaigns while getting a complete view of the entire consumer journey.

Proactive Messaging capabilities

  • Create targeted outbound campaigns and route consumer responses into the LivePerson Agent Workspace, where conversations can be handled by humans, automation (using our built-in Conversation Builder) or a tango of both.
  • When a consumer responds, the agent or bot who receives the response message will also have context of the outbound message that was sent to the customer for a more streamlined experience.
  • Create personalised and targeted campaigns by using variables - each recipient can have personalized content
  • If using WhatsApp, apply for approval from Facebook for your outbound templates directly from the tool
  • Data and reporting on conversations and operational statistics are available as part of LivePerson’s advanced reporting platform.
  • Survey your customers in channel post conversation to understand CSAT/NPS or first contact resolution.
  • Simple and easy to use: create personalized and targeted campaigns with a few clicks
  • Reach out to your consumer in the richest possible channel: our fallback feature will ensure any customers who don't have your chosen rich channel will still receive the message in SMS.

Prerequisites to setting up Proactive Messaging

  1. You need a LivePerson Conversational Cloud account to get started.
  2. If you are already a Conversational Cloud user, you will need to follow our onboarding process. The onboarding process consists of getting started with SMS (see link) or WhatsApp.
  3. Access via quick launch, once user accesses Proactive Messaging, click on contact us (pop up), where you will be granted access by granted access by your LP account team.
  4. Once onboarded, navigate to Proactive Messaging app from the Quick Launch within the Conversational Cloud. This will open Proactive Messaging in a new tab, from there you can start creating proactive campaigns by clicking on ‘New campaign’ option.

Please see the Proactive Messaging user guide