For the September rollout, the only change for chat users will be to the navigation bar. The side navigation has been updated with new icons, and the agent status menu has been moved to the bottom left corner.

Please note: The enhanced UI will be available from September 16th and will appear by default to all users. There is not an option to revert it.

New navigation

Chat users have the new navigation with updated side bar icons. However, the workspace still appears in the original UI with the same tabs they had previously.

Agent status

To access the agent status menu, agents simply need to click on their image in the bottom left corner.

alt text

Icon glossary

Icon Meaning
alt text Agent workspace
alt text Manager workspace
alt text Visitors
alt text Automation
alt text Campaigns
alt text Users
alt text Night vision

Blended accounts

For brands that have live chat agents accepting messaging conversations as well - please note that the workspaces will now be seperate. Agents who handle chat conversations as well as messaging will need to continue working from the existing workspace. For more information on blended accounts, please click here.