Useful hot keys for live chat
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Hotkeys help agents manage multiple, simultaneous tasks, by providing shortcuts to easily move between tasks, such as opening the Visitor List, toggling your status, and transferring chats to other agents.
There are seven hotkeys available in the Agent Workspace. Open the hotkeys menu by holding down the control and tilde keys (CTRL + ~).
Select an action by pressing the applicable letter:

  • LOGOUT (L): to log out of the Agent Workspace
  • ACCEPT ENGAGEMENT (A): to accept a new incoming chat
  • VISITOR LIST (V): To access the list of your current visitors
  • STATUS (S): to toggle your status between Online, Back Soon, and Away
  • END ENGAGEMENT (X): to end the current chat
  • INACTIVE LIST (I): to open the inactive chats list
  • TRANSFER ENGAGEMENT (T): to transfer the chat to another agent
  • RESPOND TO NEXT (N): navigate to the visitor who has been waiting for the longest for a response from the agent
  • RETURN CONVERSATION TO QUEUE (Q): returns the currently focused conversation to the queue

Input hotkeys

In addition to the above hotkeys, which cover general workspace actions, you have hotkeys available to you when typing input, just like in most common text editors. They are as follows:

  • CTRL/CMD + B: apply "bold" to the highlighted text.
  • CTRL/CMD + I: apply "italics" to the highlighted text.
  • CTRL/CMD + U: apply "underline" to the highlighted text.
  • CTRL/CMD + L: add a hyperlink to the highlighted text.

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