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Learn how to get started with bot building and automation
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Want to take the quickest route to building your first bot? Try the LivePerson Conversation Builder quick start tutorial.

Step 1: Create conversation playbook

Work with your brand’s design experts or LivePerson's conversational design experts to define a bot strategy and map out the use cases and flows you’d like the bot to cover. The bot should reflect your brand image and voice; we recommend spending some time creating a bot persona that matches your brand's personality. Key questions include:

  • What are the types of conversations that you have?
  • Of those, which types are easily automated?
  • Which can be fully automated versus partially automated?
  • What are the goals of your bots?
  • What should be the content of automatic responses?
Bot typeDefinitionGoalHow to use with LivePerson Conversation Builder*
StandardCollects information with the intention of handing off to an agent. Examples: form fill, FAQs, light data collection, etc.Automate simple tasks to save agent timeCreate the bot flow from scratch.
RoutingCollects information and routes to a skill in the platform. This could include up-front, pre-chat survey questions or a welcome message before routing.Facilitate and automate tasksThe bot serves routing cards (structured content) with buttons. Each button can be assigned with a different action for example "transfer conversation to skill X" or direct consumers to self-serve assets.
Post-conversation surveyCollects information after the conversationMeasure consumer satisfactionCustomize the survey including: predefined questions (CSAT, NPS and FCR), custom/free text questions, and logic between the questions.
FAQAnswers consumer questions free-formResolve/contain the conversationUse Conversation Builder's KnowledgeAI interaction.
TransactionalAn end-to-end, customer service bot (e.g., order status, bill payment, password reset). Likely includes an integration.Resolve/complete the consumer journey without the need of an agentAdd relevant integrations to enable back-end transactions.
SalesFulfill orders and complete purchases.Fulfill orders and complete purchases.Use the prebuilt bot templates. Shopify & Apple Pay integration included.

This info (last column) only applies if you're using Conversation Builder to build the bot.

Step 2: Build the bot

You'll need to choose how to create, host, and connect the bot.

A. Leverage Conversation Builder

  • Method: Conversation Builder offers a high-value solution to address a wide variety of automation workflows and use cases in multiple industries. LivePerson Conversation Builder bots can carry out a variety of automatic tasks and communicate with consumers to help take the load off agents. Learn more about Conversation Builder.
  • Host: Hosting is done automatically by Conversation Builder.
  • Connection: Simply connect to LivePerson, and choose which bot to run at any given moment.

B. Connect a third-party bot framework using LivePerson’s bot connectors

  • Method: Bot connectors are pre-built connectors to certain bots. You can bring your own bots (BYOB), including custom bots, and integrate any third-party bot technology. This is one of the main benefits of LivePerson as an open, conversational platform: Any chatbot created by you or a third-party can be fully integrated into LivePerson ecosystem and become a component of your customer care team.
  • Host: These bots run on your server. Or, depending on the bot framework, occasionally the bot framework handles hosting.
  • Connection: Connect the bot to LivePerson using our bot connectors. Follow the guides on specific bot connectors.

Step 3: Connect conversations to your bots

Once your bot is hosted, running, and connected, the next step is to assign conversations to the bot.

How to assign bots to specific skills: Create skills for different uses cases. All conversations routed to a specific bot skill will automatically be assigned to that bot first, and routed to a human after if needed.

Step 4: Monitor and report bot performance

LivePerson includes a comprehensive set of management and reporting capabilities that can be used to manage both LivePerson bots or any third-party bots alongside agents. Managers can manage bots the same as human agents, in a real-time dashboard with flexible and detailed reports that helps evaluate success.

Learn about the Bots Status and Bot Analytics applications.

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