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See the monetary value that each campaign is driving
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A transaction through LivePerson is the way which the system reports the exchange of money for goods or services. Transactions can be used as an indicator for a certain goal.

For example, if the goal of a campaign is to sell a product or a service, then an approved transaction event verifies the attainment of the goal and each transaction that takes place increases the goal KPI by 1. For this reason, the transaction data should be collected only for approved transactions.

How to define a transaction

  1. In the goal library, add a new sales goal, e.g., “sell product/service” and give it an appropriate name, such as Electronics Sales.
  2. Select "transaction" as the indicator.
  3. You can set the goal for transactions to "any value", to indicate that any transaction will be measured as a success. If you are only interested in measuring transactions above a given value, select the second option, "more than" and type in your value.
    Targeting will occur for each transaction that fits within the desired range or value, without distinguishing between currencies.
  4. If you haven’t yet configured tracking, you’ll see the message, “We haven't received transaction information data in the last 24 hours.” Click the configure tracking button. You can also configure the transaction attribute under engagement attributes in the eCommerce category.
  5. Choose EMBED CODE if you want to embed code in order to report on transactions to the Conversational Cloud (recommended) or choose EXTRACT DATA if you just want to extract the data from the page.
    Once configured, you will be able to measure success based on the consumers who performed a transaction, and allow you to see the monetary value that each campaign is driving.

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