Identify viewed products

By analyzing the products your visitors viewed you can target customers according to their interests
  • Messaging
  • Chat

LivePerson allows you to analyze which products are viewed by your visitors and not being purchased. By analyzing this information (the viewed product) you’ll be able to better target your visitors according to their interests. Moreover, when conversing with visitors, you’ll be able to quickly understand what’s driving them.

How to configure

  1. Create a new behavioral targeting rule and give it a suitable name such as “Visitors interested in women’s fashion."
  2. Click on viewed product condition in the menu and type unique product identifiers for each product. In this example, select targeting by “product category” and type in “women’s fashion.” (This option depends on the data arriving from your viewed product engagement attribute)
  3. If you haven’t yet configured tracking, do so now, by clicking the configure tracking button. You can also configure the transactions attribute under engagement attributes in the product purchased and viewed category.
  4. The Conversational Cloud will now track visitors who viewed the products that you defined and customize their experience.

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