Analytics Builder overview

A high-level overview of the Analytics Builder
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Analytics Builder—LivePerson’s primary conversational commerce analytics tool— provides vital business insights that enable data-driven decision-making for optimizing contact center operations and for tracking and increasing revenues. Using The Analytics Builder, managers can slice-and-dice their operational and business data according to measurable brand-specific KPIs. They can track historical performance data about individual/groups of agents and bots, conversations, skills, channels, campaigns, queue health and surveys.

By splitting conversations into segments, agent and skill performance is measured at granular levels, which is significant when analyzing complex scenarios in which a single conversation is handled by numerous agents and skills.

Predefined dashboards and customizable dashboards, visualizations, and grids enable deep-dive into daily and hourly granular levels of the operation’s activities. Additionally, reports can be tailored to specific business needs and analysis types using numerous metrics available in the Conversion Builder. Up to 4 months of data can be viewed at a time, selected from the past 13 months of analyzed data. Brands with a customer success offering can request the ability to customize metrics and visualizations to their business needs.


Analytics Builder allows brands to:

  • Monitor operational performance by drilling down to individual agent and bot activity reports, by LOBs, groups or skills
  • Evaluate and optimize agent efficiency
  • Identify opportunities to convert more consumers using funnel dashboards
  • Track and analyze the performance of conversational bots serving as messaging agents
  • Measure the effect of agent annotations on the performance of bots designed by Conversation Builder
  • Plan ahead for staffing needs through skill supply and demand analysis
  • Track every assisted conversion achieved by agents
  • Understand how messaging operations can be optimized and track progress as messaging adoption increases
  • Customize dashboards and visualizations to combine existing KPIs with new ways of measuring success
  • Measure messaging volume & conversions per campaign, engagement and skill
  • Measure campaign engagements & conversions based on customer voice metrics from surveys and customer sentiments
  • Identify customer entry & end points on a brand’s website to measure consumer funnel metrics (prospects, exposed, engaged)
  • Monitor performance against targets and implement operational changes based on reports
  • Analyze service activity impact by tracking trends such as abandonment messaging rates and response times
  • Optimize operations staffing management by tracking daily and hourly skill demand vs. availability
  • Define custom KPI visualizations to align with the brand goals and ROI
  • Receive scheduled report updates by email

Predefined dashboards

The Conversational Cloud comes with a set of predefined dashboards which offer ready made reports. These predefined dashboards can be used out of the box, or manipulated to create customized reports which contain unique key performance indicators. See Predefined dashboards

Reporting metrics

The predefined dashboards contain a wealth of data reflected in a large number of metrics. For more information see Reporting metrics. Certain metrics available in Analytics Builder are updates retroactively. These metrics are either part of the “funnel” (available in the predefined Business dashboard for messaging and the Operational & Staffing dashboard, or specific to Messaging (available in the predefined Messaging Performance dashboard. These metrics are updated for full visit sessions to the website, or closed messaging conversations.

Freshness of data

As an offline business intelligence decision support tool, the Analytics Builder is updated periodically, showing recent activity in your Conversational Cloud account. The data refresh process occurs three times a day. The first update runs every morning before 8 AM in the account timezone (according to the data center in which the account is stored), and includes data accumulated up to midnight the same day. For example, on Wednesday at 8 AM, Analytics Builder will show data updated until Tuesday at 11:59 PM. The following updates run every 8 hours and include data accumulated from up to 6 hours before the start time of this process. Each LivePerson Conversational Cloud account resides on one of three farms. To find out your account’s farm log to: and find the farm indicated in the account URL.

The three farms, and their time zones, are as follows:

  • Z1 = Virginia, North America. The time zone for the Virginia farm is EST.
  • Z2 = UK. The time zone for the UK farm is GMT (or GMT+1 during Daylight Saving Time).
  • Z3 = Sydney, Australia. The time zone for the Sydney farm is AEST.

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