Predefined dashboards

Analytics Builder predefined dashboards for messaging and chat
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  • Chat

Predefined dashboards

The Conversational Cloud comes with a set of predefined dashboards which offer ready-made reports. These predefined dashboards can be used out of the box or manipulated to create customized reports which contain unique key performance indicators.

The data currently available in the predefined dashboards are as follows:

Messaging & Live Chat dashboards:

  • : Includes operational data about agents
  • : Includes information about each conversion

For Messaging only:

  •  Includes operational and business data about messaging conversations.
  •  Includes information about responses to surveys
  •  Includes information about campaigns and engagements performance. Business Activity Grids are also available in Excel export formats, in daily and monthly level aggregations.
  •  Includes information about the performance of conversational bots serving as messaging agents.

Chat only dashboards:

  •  for Live Chat: Includes information about skill performance and skill demand
  •  Includes information about responses to surveys
  •  Includes operational data about skills
  •  Includes information about campaigns and engagements performance.

The Analytics Builder also includes a set of predefined grids:

  • Agent Activity Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Business Activity Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Goals Tracker Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Performance Messaging Agent Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Performance Messaging Brand Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Skill Activity Grid (Daily, Monthly)
  • Survey Activity (Daily, Monthly)

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