Bots and large-scale automations transform how brands interact with consumers, enabling one-to-one interactions that replace the IVR, websites, and apps with conversations. Bots can carry out a variety of automatic tasks and communicate with consumers to help take the load off agents. Since consumers want to build and maintain relationships with brands just like they talk to their friends and family, through natural language and dialogs, bots and agents are key to operating automation at scale.

Humans and bots work together in LivePerson

In LivePerson, bots can be handled like human agents, able to perform all the tasks a human agent can and measured with the same KPIs in the same Agent Workspace. This enables conversations to be easily passed between bot and human agents.

Agents have the ability to intervene or pick up conversations where needed - what we call the "human and bot tango". LivePerson enables this unique capability with a set of tools that automatically uses agents’ interventions and responses to make the bots better.

The first part of this bot and human tango takes place through our easy-to-use bot builder, the Conversation Builder. The Conversation Builder makes it easy for agents and other non-technical team members to participate in creating bots, including a pre-defined set of templates for common use cases based on our conversation data. Brands can deploy these out-of-box automations across the most common workflows for each industry with templated bot libraries.

Additionally, LivePerson’s AI powered console allows agents to become bot managers who can manage and train the bots. As agents do their everyday work, tweaking conversations for better outcomes, bots are automatically made better too. Read more about bot setup and capabilities in the getting started with bots guide.

Open platform connects to any bot provider (BYOB)

Brands can use LivePerson's native bots, third-party bots, or integrate their own bot technology to 'bring your own bot' (BYOB). Connectors and APIs give enterprises the ability to leverage the right automation for their use cases. LivePerson includes a comprehensive set of management and reporting capabilities that can be used to manage LivePerson bots and/or any third-party bots. Any chat bot, created by you or a 3rd party, can be fully integrated into LivePerson and become a vital component of your customer care team.

Build a bot using the Conversation Builder

Bots can be built with the Conversational Builder through an interactive dialog builder, or by selecting from a library of pre-built, industry-specific automations. The pre-built set of industry vertical bots allows brands to deploy out-of-box automations across the most common workflows tuned for each industry, e.g. templated bots libraries by industry and out of the box automation for top intents in retail, telco and others– enabling rapid adoption of automation.

Benefits of bots for brands

Bots can have a dramatic impact on contact center operations, helping brands to:

  • Track and monitor bots like any other agent — A bot’s performance is measured against your KPIs, monitored in real time by Agent Managers and are included in centralized reporting. Our detailed and flexible LivePerson reports allow for further analysis and bot performance optimization.
  • Free up valuable agent time — Bots can handle mundane and monotonous tasks allowing human agents the time to focus on more complex conversations.
  • Build a strong and integrated contact center team — Conversations can be passed back and forth between human and bot agents without a hitch, with human agents always available to speak to a consumer when the situation requires.
  • Reduce your customer care costs — As a large number of common customer service interactions are highly automated, bots can step in to handle these routine tasks, dramatically cutting your contact center costs.

Benefits of bots for consumers

  • Give consumers the best of both worlds — Not only do your consumers get quick and easy answers from bots, but also, when necessary, more personal attention from your human agents.
  • Boost consumer satisfaction with rapid response times — By using automation, brands can supply more consumers with more answers - and at greater speed. With their issues being instantly attended to, consumers enjoy a better overall customer experience.
  • Enrich the consumer experience with structured content — Pre-built templates and content make bots friendly and efficient for consumers. They provide clear communication with bots, so commands are more easily understood and responses are more accurate.
  • Meet consumer expectations for an always-on service — Your consumers are connected 24/7 and expect your brand to be the same. Bots can step in at any time of day to field questions and offer round-the-clock assistance whenever your consumers need it.

Read Forrester report: Use Automation, AI and Chatbots to Improve Customer Engagements to see how bots help companies meet high consumer demands while gaining powerful insights on interactions.