The all agents list

Track your agents’ status in real time
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The agent list enables the agent manager to keep up to date with the agents’ work and to adjust their workload according to the availability and concurrency of agents, even if they work in different locations.
The agent list appears in the Visitor tab and provides agent managers with the ability to track the statuses of agents in real-time; every 10 seconds the data refreshes. The data bar provides an overview of the agent’s status and performance, and the columns provide the following detailed information:

  • Agent Status - online/away/back soon
  • State duration - time elapsed since agent entered current state
  • Agent Name (nicknames will appear as tooltips)
  • Skills - skill(s) assigned to the agent
  • Current chats - Number of chats currently being handled by the agent
  • Max concurrency - the maximum number of concurrent chats the agent can handle

The default view displays all skills and all agents that are online. You can filter according to skill or agent status. The list of agents can be sorted according to agent names.
Knowing the status of your agents at any given time can help you manage their workload.

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