Introducing the Agent Workspace

  • Messaging

The Agent Workspace simplifies agent operations to dramatically increase agent focus and efficiency. It was designed to handle multiple channels of conversation at scale asynchronously, taking into account all of the features that were developed especially for messaging.


What’s new?

New look and feel

What you’ll see up front is that the colors and style have changed, but more importantly, the workspace design has been upgraded for messaging operations. With the conversation list and incoming conversations prominently displayed, it will enable agents to swiftly manage many more conversations than before.

Guided decision making will save agents tons of time

The new dynamic conversation list with built-in automation sorts conversations by the response time, telling agents which conversation to handle next and removing the need for decision making that can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Reduced noise and increased agent focus

With asynchronous messaging, the conversation list for agents can sometimes become long while agents are awaiting consumer replies. By filtering out the ‘idle’ conversations, or those that do not require immediate attention, agents can easily tackle a shorter, more focused conversation list.

Faster shift wrap-up with a quick view of closed conversations

Quick and simple filters display closed conversations - enabling agents to ensure all documentation and summaries are in place and accurate when wrapping up their shift.

See the full history of the conversation within the same window

Agents can now scroll up to view the entire conversation history directly within the transcript, rather than needing to navigate to a dedicated history widget.

Quickly catch up on the previous contact with the same consumer

Multiple notes by multiple agents can now be added to the conversation summary widget. This allows the assigned agent to view a log of comments and quickly get up to speed.

Enhanced customization of Agent Workspace

Each user is now able to select whether they want to work in the dark or light mode for their workspace.

Missing Something?

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