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Brands can request to be an Official Business Account via their WhatsApp Manager:

In addition to the charges per conversation, LivePerson charges a 15% handling fee on top of the WhatsApp rates listed below:

Brands are limited to 2 numbers initially before they achieve Business Verification and reach the Messaging Tier thresholds required to add up to 20 numbers per business:

These limits can be expanded upon request if the brand’s volume is greater than the recommended limits & thresholds

The WhatsApp Business App is an app that provides small businesses a simple way to connect with their customers. It is available for Android and iOS. 

The WhatsApp Business API gives solution providers such as LivePerson access to the WhatsApp platform to enable sending and receiving WhatsApp messages at scale.

In order to migrate WhatsApp numbers to LivePerson, it is required that the current provider disables Two-Factor-Authentication on the required numbers as the first step. To initiate the migration, businesses must undergo the onboarding flow in Conversational Cloud. When asked to add a phone number to their WABA, brands will see a notification confirming the migration of their phone number to the new partner or client, before proceeding to complete the migration.

Backup Solution

Once Two-Factor-Authentication is disabled, the brand should create a ticket with the 3PM team: and provide availability slots to meet with the team to carry out the migration. The LivePerson team will initiate a call / sms to the required WhatsApp number which will need to be answered by the brand whom will relay the OTP to LivePerson team. LivePerson team will finalize backend configuration and complete the migration before testing with brand in call.

The WA name change process is requested by brands in their WA manager and takes 1-2 days to be approved by Meta:

To avoid rejection it is recommended that brands use a name that is clearly shown on their website and matches the business name registered in their Meta Business Suite.

Once approved, please raise a ticket with the 3PM team to execute name change:

If a previous name has already been approved, this process will not cause any downtime. If the number is newly onboarded then it will not go live until the name is approved. Green check names will lose their green check if a name change is requested and brands will then have to re-apply for it: 

You can’t use the same WA number (WA profile) on API & App. 

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