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Tap into the most popular consumer messaging channel on Earth.

WhatsApp is popular in 104 countries around the world, making it an excellent channel for brands to adopt. The WhatsApp Business connector allows brands to communicate with consumers using their favorite messaging channel. With LivePerson, brands have access to the premier enterprise messaging platform for effectively managing WhatsApp conversations at scale.

You can easily integrate your WhatsApp Business Account with Conversational Cloud. Learn more.

Why use WhatsApp to connect with your consumers?

Consumer-preferred channel — With 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world.

Rich Conversations capabilities — Rich Conversation capabilities like audio, video, file, images, stickers, reply buttons, list messages, product messages, rich links…and many more, provide an enhanced messaging experience with more flexibility.

Verified business accounts — A business profile that’s been verified by WhatsApp receives a green checkmark and an official business account designation to provide your consumers with confidence that they are messaging with the right brand.

Secure forms — Secure forms allow brands to perform identification and authorization, share PII information to generate leads, or perform a registration process during a conversation in a PCI-compliant environment.

Post Conversation Survey — Gather feedback from consumers and measure their success across all messaging channels with the Post Conversation Survey.

Get started within minutes — A step-by-step onboarding flow makes it easy to onboard WhatsApp. Already have a WhatsApp number? Contact us (link to the request form) to schedule a migration. 

How do conversations start?

Conversations can start in many different ways over the WhatsApp channel:

  1. Consumer-driven conversations (organic and paid entry points)
  2. Voice to WhatsApp messaging deflection (voice bot or IVR)
  3. Business initiated conversations (proactive messaging)

Please find more details here (link to the Entry points page).

How does the WhatsApp Business Solution work?

LivePerson integrates with the WhatsApp Business API as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. The WhatsApp Business API relies on regular phone numbers that are onboarded to WhatsApp which makes it easy for consumers to discover businesses. There are several key components involved:

  • Your Meta Business Account (Client Business) is used to ensure that only verified businesses onboard to WhatsApp business and allows you to access the WhatsApp Manager UI
  • During the onboarding, the LivePerson Meta Business Account (BSP Business) creates the connection between the client business and the solution provider (LivePerson)
  • A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) contains one or more WhatsApp Numbers along with Message Templates and access to Insights

The end business owns the WABA and shares it with LivePerson. LivePerson has access to the WABA's phone numbers, message templates, and insights.


WhatsApp Business Account owned by Brand and shared with LivePerson

As soon as a phone number is onboarded to WhatsApp Business via LivePerson, WhatsApp messages that are sent to this number will be forwarded to the Conversational Cloud Account of the brand. 

WhatsApp Business Verification

Meta ensures that only legitimate businesses are operating on the Business API. Businesses who plan to start using WhatsApp are required to have a verified Meta Business. Both the WhatsApp Business Account as well as each individual phone number and its display name are being verified by Meta as well. This verification process is happening automatically after creation and you will be notified if there are any follow-up actions required. 

In order to become an Official Business Account and receive the “green tick” next to the company name, additional steps are required (learn more). 

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