Week of Feb 14th

New Updates: Enhanced Navigation Bar & Conversation Assist: Delegate Conversations to Bots More Effectively

Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication. Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Conversation Assist


Delegate conversations to bots more effectively

In the On-Demand Recommendations widget, the Most used by all and Most used by me areas offer, as expected, the answers and bots that are most used. In this release, we enhance the experience when delegating a conversation to one of these listed bots.

Now, the agent can specify the message to use to trigger the right business flow in the bot.


This small feature enhancement makes a big difference. Consider the following conversation:

  • Consumer: I heard about your Internet/TV offering from a friend. Can you tell me about it?
  • Agent: Sure, we offer the fastest speeds and all the popular TV channels. Cancel anytime. Interested in signing up?
  • Consumer: Yes, please

Ordinarily, the consumer’s most recent message is used to trigger a business flow (i.e., a dialog) in the bot. But as the conversation above illustrates, this won’t always yield the right initial response from the bot when it joins the conversation. This is because the most recent message from the consumer (like the one above, which is “Yes, please”) might not be intentful.

With this feature enhancement, in our example above, the agent could enter “sign up” when delegating the conversation to the bot. And this would trigger the “sign up” business flow (dialog). Happy agent. And happy consumer.

Train your users on the keywords and phrases that trigger the bots used in your solution.



This release includes the following enhancements:

Streamlining Access to Frequently Used Applications: Reducing the number of clicks required to access commonly used applications.

Mitigating Accidental Hovering in the Navbar: Preventing unintended menu expansion caused by accidental hovering.


What enhancements would affect the user experience?

Pin frequently used applications: The Agent Workspace and Manager Workspace were identified as the most frequently utilized applications, hence,these applications would now be pinned above all sections. 

Note: The mentioned applications will no longer be available through the original category they used to be available through (Engage). 

Labeled sections and applications

All categories and the pinned applications mentioned earlier will now be labeled, eliminating the need for users to remember which symbols correspond to them.

Menu behavioural change

The navbar won't expand when hovered over; instead, it will expand only when:

  • One of the categories is clicked.
  • The hamburger icon is clicked.

Menu structural change

The navbar categories order was changed, and now it is: Engage, Automate, Optimize, Manage.

For more information and FAQs, check out the user guide here.