The Conversational Cloud is now seamlessly integrated into Viber messenger, offering your brand the opportunity to tap into the millions of consumers connecting on it. Set up is easy and allows your agents to create ongoing connections with valuable customers right away; to onboard Viber to your account, please contact your LivePerson account team.

Rich Functionalities

  • Image and File Sharing — Image and File Sharing will empower consumers to share images with agents and vice versa to explain complex issues or requests quicker and more accurately.

  • Welcome Message — Brands can configure a welcome message that is shown to consumers once they follow a brand's viber account. The welcome message can contain a custom keyboard and will be shown as part of the conversation once the consumer sends a message.

  • Quick replies — Quick replies are presented as custom keyboard on the Viber app and allow consumers to quickly select a predefined answer.

  • Secure forms — Secure forms allow brands to perform identification and authorization, safely share PII information to generate leads or to perform a registration process during a conversation in a PCI-compliant environment.

  • Auto messages — Automatic messages are messages that are presented automatically in the Engagement Window during a conversation to provide contextual information to consumers about the status of the conversation.

  • Post Conversation Survey — Gather feedback from consumers and measure their success across all messaging channels with the Post Conversation Survey.

How conversations start

Consumers can start conversations after following a brand on viber and sending the first message.

Setting up Viber

Please contact your LivePerson account manager.