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Learn how to get started with LivePerson's Generative AI solution

    Get acquainted

    Are you familiar with our Generative AI solution? Get acquainted before getting started.

    Activate the Generative AI features

    One of your admin users must enable our Generative AI features, as this requires access to the Management Console. 

    1 - Log into Conversational Cloud.

    2 - Open the menu on the left side of the page, and select Manage > Management Console.


    3 - Search for "Generative AI Enablement."


    2 - Click Sign to activate.


    3 - Enter your brand name and industry, review the terms and conditions, and click the checkbox to accept them. Then click Agree.

    During queries to the Large Language Model (LLM) service, your brand name and industry are included in the prompt that gets sent to the service. It helps the responses to stay in bounds, i.e., specific to your brand, with fewer hallucinations.



    At any point thereafter, you can edit your brand name and industry in the Management Console, within Generative AI Enablement > Account Details.


    Next steps and more info

    Ready to get started? Use the articles below for info on next steps, best practices, and more.

    Missing Something?

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