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Enhance, customize and integrate LivePerson's messaging using APIs, SDKs, FaaS, and other powerful developer tools
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Leverage the power of the open platform to integrate with third-party technologies, including any NLU provider, as well as integrate conversational data with enterprise systems for insights and decision-making across the enterprise
The Conversational Cloud platform offers a messaging solution that you can enhance by:

  • Integrating Conversational Cloud with your native app
  • Customizing Conversational Cloud reports or creating new reports
  • Building or integrating workspace widgets using our various APIs and SDKs
  • Developing custom behaviors within the Conversational Cloud platform through LivePerson's FaaS platform Functions

Our APIs configure and manipulate Conversational Cloud features and capabilities. To use these APIs, you must make sure to configure your LivePerson account to access these features. For example, if you want to use the Agent Messaging SDK to connect a bot, then your account must support bot users. It's best to contact your account team or LivePerson Support to check that the prerequisite features are enabled for your account. For more information and detailed documentation, visit our dedicated Developer Center.
Most user actions within the Conversational Cloud can be performed programmatically using the REST API. Some of the key categories are:

  • Domain API for returning the base domain for your LivePerson Conversational Cloud account, which is used in conjunction with the other APIs outlined in the documentation.
  • Login Service API for logging into the Conversational Cloud as a user with credentials or as an application with an API key. After logging in, you receive a session token (Bearer) to use for other related API calls.
  • Engagement attributes for collecting specific information about the visitor such as product viewed, purchase information, errors the visitor encountered, and search results. The Conversational Cloud provides out-of-the-box information for the visitor’s geolocation, the amount of time spent on a page, and the pages they viewed, among other parameters.
  • Data APIs for retrieving your contact center’s information such as types of conversations, load, and messaging transcripts.
  • Bot connectors for integrating third-party messaging platforms and the Conversational Cloud. Bot connectors send/receive text messages, send structured content, transfer the conversation to other skills, change Time To Response, and close a conversation.
  • Function as a Service (FaaS) is a LivePerson feature that enables brands to develop custom behaviors within the Conversational Cloud platform to better tailor the system to their specific needs.

For more information and detailed documentation, visit our Developer Center.

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