Terms of use

LivePerson Functions enables brands to quickly and easily customize how the LivePerson platform behaves.
  • Messaging
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These additional terms govern your use of LivePerson Functions and supplement your existing contract with LivePerson. By enabling and using LivePerson Functions, as an authorized signatory for Customer, you acknowledge and agree to them.

LP Functions - Our Commitment. LivePerson is committed to the highest standards of quality and availability, including Functions. Accordingly, LivePerson technical teams run periodic performance tests and thorough and professional quality assurance processes designed to minimize the chance of defects impacting Functions. Every feature and template is carefully designed and constructed to run with high response times and at its maximum efficiency. This is to ensure that you can use the service without delays and performance impact.

LP Functions - Your Commitment. Customizing functions through the feature rich Functions platform requires a certain skill set and needed knowledge. To best equip our users with the necessary knowledge, LivePerson has published detailed documentation that your users must review if they wish to make use of Functions. It is important to note that LivePerson Support does not troubleshoot custom functions created by Functions users; LivePerson support will validate platform and feature functionality before escalating issues to the development group responsible for maintaining the Functions platform.

Using LivePerson Functions. Please be respectful when you use LivePerson Functions. Do not misuse our service or use it in a way that interferes with performance or functionality or impacts use by other customers. You must use the service in compliance with laws. We may suspend your use of LivePerson functions if we suspect misconduct. Further, we reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend any Customer function if we, in our reasonable discretion, believe that the function may create a security risk, is harmful or abusive, or may interfere with, be a technical burden to, or disrupt the integrity or performance of, our platform and services. If we need to do this, we’ll give you as much notice as is practicable in light of the circumstances and we will work in good faith to resolve the matter promptly.

Billing/Pricing: Customer may use LivePerson Functions free of charge for up to 150,000 invocations per month. Use beyond this limit will incur charges. If you exceed the cap, we may in our reasonable discretion allow continued use of LivePerson Functions while we negotiate in good faith, but we reserve the right to suspend or terminate use until a mutually agreed Order Form is signed.

third-party Services. LP Functions helps you connect to third-party services, such as:

  • third-party service providers, like a CRM system;
  • Bot platform providers;
  • Storage facilities, such as AWS or GCP; and
  • Customer’s internal systems and databases.

By connecting any of these services into LivePerson Functions: (a) you authorize LivePerson to send and receive data with Customer’s third-party providers and internal systems and databases for product interoperation; (b) your agreement with any third-party provider covers the third-party provider’s use of data, including messaging data, deletion of data, and any hosting, support, security and other commitments to Customer related to the third-party tool; and (c) LivePerson is not liable for third-party acts, omissions, services, applications, technology, policies or procedures, including those related to Customer or a third-party provider.

Storage of secrets/usage. While LivePerson products are built with strong security features designed to protect client data, LivePerson Functions is not intended for the storage of consumer personal data or other categories of sensitive data. We have a dedicated environment where you can encrypt and store personal and sensitive data. You may not store consumer personal data or sensitive data in LivePerson Functions. If you do so, it is at your own risk and we are not responsible for that data or any losses you may incur.

Intellectual Property: Using LivePerson Functions does not give you ownership rights in any LivePerson service or code. You are solely responsible for any code, functionality or integrations built using LivePerson Functions, including deployment, testing, support and not violating any third-party intellectual property rights.

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