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The Performance Optimizer is an analytics product within the Conversational Cloud platform
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The Performance Optimizer is an analytics product within the Conversational Cloud platform that converges numerous strategic metrics for different Lines of Business into the LivePerson 4E Framework™ to drive probability and business growth. The Performance Optimizer is LivePerson’s first analytical product geared towards C-Suite executives, Lines of Business, and organizational decision makers.

The Performance Optimizer contextualizes data through anonymized brand comparisons, anonymized industry benchmarks, segmentations, and KPI targets. Narrative-driven dashboards and data contextualization allow managers to diagnose performance opportunities in a faster, more intelligent way. Successes and failures can be generalized or mapped to specific actions, and the LivePerson expertise is underscored directly in analytics views.

The Performance Optimizer has a simple graphic interface which eliminates the need for high cognitive skills such as complex information processing, advanced data analysis, or mathematical skills. This provides users with accurate results, actionable information and recipes for success.
Performance Optimizer allows brands to:

  • Map and correlate ~500 operational metrics with a set of essential KPIs that align to the 4E framework.
  • Leverage AI to automatically assess and diagnose conversational performance, and receive recommended optimization plans.
  • Benchmark their performance relative to their industry.
  • Spare the need for data wrangling and prioritization, and reduce the cognitive load of performing analysis on the data.


The 4E Framework™

The Performance Optimizer is built upon the LivePerson 4E Framework™. This analytic approach serves as the foundation for classifying metrics into specific categories that complement each other and guarantee success. These categories are built around 2 core behavioral truths:

  • Brands want to resolve consumer intents using minimal labor
  • Consumers will maintain a positive perception of the brand as long as their intents are resolved with minimal friction

LivePerson 4E Framework™ correlates these desirable outcomes to conversational metrics. These metrics accurately measure how the conversational operations perform in 4 critical areas organized in a logical sequence: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Effort and Emotion.

For more information, please see the user guide.

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