Agent Activity API

Historical API

    The Agent Activity API allows its consumer to track the agent login and logout hours, state changes during the login hours and predefined custom states as set up by the brand. 

    At this point, away states are not classified as productive and nonproductive. 


    The Agent Activity API provides a historical raw data solution to track agent adherence on messaging channels. Some of the API benefits:

    • Agent behavior and productivity management - brands can use the detailed status audit trail to identify behavioral issues resulting in low productivity, or lack of schedule compliance from agent populations.
    • Easy to connect - Quick and easy self-service onboarding and configuration. Account managers or CSMs can enable the Agent Activity API on behalf of their brands directly from the Conversational Cloud platform.
    • Easy integration - The Agent Activity API is based on HTTPS GET functionality, and all data is returned in a JSON format. 
    • Raw data - The API provides raw data which reflects the information as captured on Conversational Cloud UI. 


    V1 was used only in the early adoption phase and will not be maintained. V2 is the version that should be used when querying the API. 

    • V1 - The data is grouped by the agent. There is also a limitation of 20 state changes * limit parameter * the number of days in the query. For example, if the limit is set to 10 (agents), 1-day query then limitation per page = 200 state changes. In case of excessive state changes, some of the states/agents may be truncated based on the maximum state's limitation.
    • V2 - All states returned flat in the response (not grouped by agent). The limit and offset refer to states. No risk of data truncation in case of excessive state changes. 

    How it works

    The Agent Activity API exposes the state changes, as collected from LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud. Every state change is captured along with its timestamp and can be pulled using the API.

    Use cases

    • Agent behavior management, particularly in work at home environments where agents are not physically present with managerial oversight.
    • Evaluate how much time agents spend in each away state. 
    • Assist brands with measuring agent schedule adherence by monitoring agent login and logout behavior.
    • Tracking agent behavior by monitoring agent status updates 
    • Tracking and assessing agent and team productivity and correlating against other productivity metrics (e.g online hours, the number of closed conversations


    To use this API:

    • Retrieve your domain. Use the LivePerson Domain API to retrieve this information by providing the following service name:
      • agentActivity
    • This API requires authorization using an API key methodology.
      • Follow these instructions, to create and use an API key.
      • To access this API, the API key must have the Data > Workforce Management > Agent Activity API permission.
    • Follow the information in the developer portal

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